Strange things about Princess Eugenie’s marriage

Strange things about Princess Eugenie’s marriage

2018 kept us glued to our screens with all the Royal wedding bells chiming around. Both Royal members Prince Harry and his cousin, Princess Eugenie, tied the knot in their respective weddings. But while Harry and Meghan’s wedding was slightly more on the traditional vibe, his cousin and her new husband’s was… not so much.

A strange ordeal

In October 2018, Princess Eugenie wed her then-fiancee Jack Brooksbank, after eight years of dating. They had a beautiful ceremony, to which, of course, 1200 people were invited. But what happened in the months leading up to the wedding?

Apparently, there were some strange occurrences in the Royal household, with some happening even before the actual ceremony. And, it seems, not everyone was on board with the happy couple’s reunion…

‘Son, brother, best friend’… in-law?

The news of the Royal engagement were received in January 2018. Two days after the Royal announcement, the Princess’ mother, Sarah Ferguson, posted on her social media account a picture of the couple, along with some congratulatory lines.

She claimed how excited she was to have “a son, a brother, and a best friend.” This was, to say the least, a little strange. We guess the Sarah really took a liking to her newest member of the family… or something.

Fan of the Jack

But this wasn’t the last time Sarah’s public statements about her newest family member were a little… too much. In November 2018, a month after the wedding, she said that her daughter and her new husband were “just meant to be.”

She continued on to say how Jack adores Eugenie, and how he’s “like Zebedee. Boing, boing!” followed by an impression of Zebedee’s character from the 60’s British TV show Magic Roundabout. Apparently, the similarity between the two was too striking to ignore.

Good ol’ family

Unlike the warm welcome Jack got from his mother-in-law, though, Jack’s grandmother was more surprised than delighted at her grandson’s hitch. And not for the reason you’d think, either. Joanna Newton, 91 years old and the intended’s maternal grandmother, said she’d “never thought” Jack would marry “a royal.”

She continued on by saying that although he is “a charming boy,” he’s “not the most intelligent,” explaining why she was surprised to see him hitched to a royal. Well, what we do without our loving family?

The “good egg”

In comparison, Joanna had only good things to say about her granddaughter-in-law. While giving away compliments to the then bride-to-be, she also was a little skeptical as to the Royal’s choice to marry her grandson, implying that she thinks she might be settling.

She said that she thinks “it says a lot” about the Princess that “it’s [Jack] she wants.” She did say, later in her interview, that Jack was “the good egg” in the family, so maybe there’s a little hope for Jack to win over grandmother’s opinion, after all.

A social climber

Hearing the story of Jack’s way to royalty might also shed a little light as to why his grandmother had her doubts about him. Before his fateful meeting with Princess Eugenie, Jack worked in the hospitality business, and even had a nickname going around in his inner circles: ‘barman Jack.’

A social climber

Apparently, rather than follow many of his prestigious high-school peers into college, Jack, backed up by his parents, went straight to work after school, worked as a waiter at Chelsea’s Admiral Codrington, a gastropub.

Leading to the meeting

From there, Jack quickly advanced his way up the food chain. He landed jobs at high-profiled clubs, known for their frequent celebrity visits. That got the Princess’ now-husband close to the Royal circles – something which led, eventually, to the couple’s meeting.

The couple officially met in 2010, in Verbier, Sweden when Jack was 24 and Eugenie was 20. Wanting to take a more serious role before joining the Royal family, Jack recently joined the European Brand Ambassador, formerly George Clooney’s, Casamigos.

Husband and wife and… cousins?

Another strange thing found about the Royal union, is that the couple, like so many others in the Royal family, are apparently distantly related. Viscount Thomas Coke, who was the second Earl of Leicester in the 19th century, is Brooksbank’s father’s great-grandfather.

Huaband and wife and… cousins?

He is also Sarah Ferguson, Eugenie’s mother’s, great, great-grandfather. This connection makes Eugenie and Jack third cousins, once removed. It’s not that uncommon to have blood relations inside the royal marriages, but we’re guessing it’s not something you’d like to try for yourselves.

Typos, folks!

The Royals sure try to keep up with technology, as now everything going around is also in their social media accounts. Such was the invitation to the charities Princess Eugenie and her intended extended, one day before the big day.

The invitation was announced via their Twitter account, but while the gesture was meant as a more accessible medium to the public, they got Jack’s surname wrong. The announcement read “Mr. Jacksbrook.” Commenters noticed the typo, but it was still there and was only corrected 40 minutes later. Yikes.

A two-day affair

People can’t help but make a comparison between the two 2018 Royal weddings, especially when they were in such close proximity. Because while Meghan and Harry’s wedding was a traditional, one-day ceremony, Eugenie and her new husband decided to spice things up a little.

A two-day affair

Other than the actual wedding ceremony, the continued the celebrations the day after, by throwing a big, carnival themed party which took place at Windsor Great Park. Because nothing says “romance” like an inflatable slide, candy, and a carousel.

Kissing for the camera

Growing under the spotlight can’t be easy for anyone. Getting married under the spotlight? Tough. But when a whole article is awkwardly analyzing the kiss you shared with your new husband after exchanging vows? Impossible.

Kissing for the camera

But that’s what Eugenie got. A full play-by-play comparison of her and Jack’s first kiss as a married couple, versus Meghan and Harry’s. Because who doesn’t want a full analysis of their body language summed up for the world to see? That must’ve been awkward to read.

Not so fast

But maybe Eugenie intended on doing the big affair in order to compensate for what happened prior to the wedding, and make her own a little shinier, and more special. Apparently, the princess wanted to get married back in 2017, but because of Harry’s wedding, she had to wait.

Not so fast

In the Royal family, hierarchy is everything. Since Harry is ranked higher up in line than Eugenie, she had to wait for him to get married first.

Popularity contest

Prince Andrew apparently also felt that his daughter’s wedding was shied away because of Harry’s. Needing to rectify that, he came to the couple’s defense in an interview, saying how the two ceremonies will “not be the same.”

Popularity contest

In his daughter’s wedding, he said, there will be “a few more” people attending than in Harry’s wedding, because “that’s just the nature of Eugenie and Jack.” He claimed that the couple have “so many friends” that “they need a church of that size to fit them all in.”


And this isn’t the last time Eugenie’s wedding was overshadowed by Meghan and Harry’s, either. Although the announcement that Meghan was expecting was not released publicly until a few days after the wedding, rumors say it was actually known around the inner royal circles.


These used Eugenie’s wedding to congratulate Meghan on her pregnancy. It was reported that Eugenie disappeared after hearing Meghan discuss her news with the guests, and she was on “the brink of tears” because of her thunder being stolen – again.

Go Sarah

Luckily for Eugenie, she has her mother at her back. Just one minute after the official announcement from Kensington Palace about Meghan and Harry’s baby news, Sarah took to her social media account to divert the attention back to her daughter’s event, which was only three days previously.

Go Sarah

She posted a series of pictures from the wedding, captioning them with a variety of happy messages, like how happy she was to have Jack as a new member of the family. Coincidence, right?

Stick with the traditional next time, Beatrice

Sharing some romantic quotes for the happy couple on their wedding ceremony is common. But usually people prefer going with the traditional poets, like Shakespeare. So everyone was surprised when maid of honor and the bride’s sister, Beatrice, chose to quote no other than F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.

Stick with the traditional next time, Beatrice

Now, although the book is a classic, a lot of commenters raised an eyebrow regarding the questionable choice. Since, you know, it doesn’t really have a happy ending. We’re just hoping that Beatrice wasn’t implying anything by it.

Keeping a low profile

Although Royalty has a lot of perks, free time probably isn’t one of them. Or at least, that’s what we imagine. A day after their May wedding, for example, Harry and Meghan were already all over the papers after attending Prince Charles’ 70th birthday.

Keeping a low profile

Eugenie and Jack, however, decided to maybe slow things down after the wedding, because other than one event where people got glimpses of them, they were not seen until March 2019. Way to keep the mystery, ya’ll.

No title for you, Mister

Unlike Meghan and Kate, who were automatically given the royal titles of Duchesses on their wedding, Jack will keep his ordinary name of Mr. Part of this is because of Harry’s higher ranking in line to the throne.

While Harry is sixth in line, Eugenie is tenth – she was ninth before Archie was born. Also, apparently, a commoner marrying a Princess has never been heard of before, royal historians point out. Since he wasn’t granted any titles on his wedding day by the Queen, his name will remain as is.

Missing someone?

With more than 800 guests who were present inside the chapel, we thought Eugenie and Jack really had every possible Royal there. One royal, though, skipped the event. Camilla, Prince Charles’ second wife, announced she had prior engagements when hearing of the wedding date.

Missing someone?

Apparently, the Duchess had to attend a harvest festival at a school near her home in Scotland. Despite attempts from Sarah and Prince Andrew to convince her to reschedule her commitment, the Duchess still didn’t come.

A wedding night… with the entire family

The two-day affair wasn’t the only thing that raised some eyebrows about the wedding, though. Instead of going off to be by themselves after the ceremony, the couple decided to keep the part going. They threw a wedding after-party… with their family.

Because really, who doesn’t want to spend some more time with their family after an entire day of doing so? Apparently, it was Sarah’s idea, and the couple just went along with it. It was celebrated in the Royal Lodge at Windsor, thrown by the bride’s parents.

Beige-colored bride

Another thing about the familial after-party, though, is that apparently Eugenie didn’t feel like she needed a wedding dress code, anymore. A lot of eyebrows were raised when newlyweds Jack and Eugenie stepped out to greet their guests, and Eugenie’s choice of dress color was not something they expected.

Beige-colored bride

She wore an ivory-beige dress, that although was undeniably beautiful, wasn’t traditionally white. But it seems Eugenie and her husband are not going for tradition, anyway.

Woof, woof

Of course, despite all the strange shenanigans encompassing the marriage, the wedding was also full of laughter and love. During the reception, for example, Prince Andrew recited a hilarious speech filled with anecdotes about the eight years he has known Jack.

A hearty laughter sounded all around when Andrew recounted a story in which Jack, who is also the family dog’s name, was told to get off the chair. Looking up, Andrew hilariously saw Mr. Brooksbank leaping off his chair, instead. Well, this is sure an event that will be remembered.

Contradicting yourself much?

In an interview before the big day, the Princess was asked whether she was nervous about the upcoming nuptials. She said, at first, that she is “not stressed at all.” At first, we thought, good for you Eug, but she didn’t stop there.

She then continued on to say how “nerve-wracking” the event is “because you want it to be perfect,” describing the realization of spending an eternity with the “person you love” is a stressing thought. She summed by saying that she wanted the ceremony to “bring out our personalities as much as possible.” Well, when you have so many opinions, it sure will.

Very subtle


When a Royal wedding takes place, it is common that the bride will wear a tiara, usually passed down from other generations. To everyone, it was obvious that Eugenie was going to wear Sarah’s tiara, the one she wore on her own wedding to Prince Andrew.

Very subtle

So all were surprised to see the Princess walk down the aisle in a different one. Although the emerald and the diamonds that were put in the tiara were reportedly “a subtle nod” to the Royal lineage, it seems Eugenie just wanted a tiara of her own instead of a borrowed one.

Not now, Beatrice

The wedding vibes are giving inspiration to sister Beatrice, too. Rumors have been sparked lately that the older sister is also on her way to the aisle with her beau. Apparently, though, the couple will have to keep the announcement to themselves for now.

Other rumors have been circulating lately about Princess Eugenie is expecting, though no official announcement has been made. Beatrice, not only the older, unmarried sister, will also have to wait until Eugenie gives birth to the alleged child, before even announcing her plans of holy matrimony.

Happy anniversary! Oh, wait

It seems that marriages in the Princess’ family are all about strange little quirks. Her parents were divorced many years ago but somehow both still reside at the Royal Lodge in Windsor, and maintain a close friendship with one another. But that’s not even the odd part.

Recently, their daughter posted on her social media account a picture from their wedding, wishing them a happy anniversary, even though they’re no longer married. Wishful thinking, maybe?

Best buddies

If you needed another proof that Jack and his now-official mother-in-law are chummy, here it is. In an interview with Sarah about the upcoming wedding, she gushed about her new role of mother-in-law, and said she was going to be “the best” in it. Boy, she seems to really take it seriously.

She continued by praising Jack and his job as a spirits merchant. She said that they both enjoy it from time to time, as he makes a her glass and urges her to “down” her drink. Best buddies.