Celebrity beauty lines you have to try

It’s no secret that celebs have already made their way into the beauty world. The likes of Jessica Alba and Kylie Jenner have released oodles of beauty products, and it seems as though they have paved the way for even more stars who want a slice of the cosmetics pie. In fact, these celebs are reportedly releasing their own beauty lines in the near future, and you definitely need to put them on your to-buy list when they finally make their appearance…

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian is no stranger to the beauty game because she’s already collaborated with her sisters on numerous products. However, it seems as though Kourt is now flying solo and venturing into her own business world. In 2018, it was reported that the eldest Kardashian sister had trademarked her “Kourt” name under a company called “2Die4Kourt.” While we don’t know anything else about this brand just yet, we can assume she will be using all natural ingredients as per her healthy lifestyle.

Celebrity beauty lines you have to try

Serena Williams

She may have one of the biggest tennis careers under her belt, but Serena Williams is now branching out away from the tennis courts. It’s believed that Williams is creating her very own beauty line, and will be calling it Aneres – which is her name spelled backward. Although it’s thought that this line will primarily focus on fashion and style, there are hints towards a cosmetic section to the brand. Considering her makeup is always on fleek, we have a feeling these products will fly off the shelves.

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne has always blown her fans away with her dramatic makeup because she’s the kind of woman that lives by the rule that you either go hard, or you go home. Prone to bold looks and bold colors, Bella confirmed that she had a beauty line in the works when a fan asked her what shade of lipstick she was wearing. When she confessed that the color was from her upcoming cosmetics line, her fans just couldn’t control their excitement.

Celebrity beauty lines you have to try

Lady Gaga

Everyone goes gaga for Gaga, which means that her upcoming beauty line is sure to be huge hit. While this hasn’t been confirmed just yet, it’s been reported that Lady Gaga’s people have filed for a trademark for a brand new company called “Haus Beauty.” It’s believed that this will be a cosmetics line for all things beauty related. From moisturizer to eyeliners, from nail polish to eyeshadows, it seems as though this beauty line will have everything.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is the kind of woman who has dipped her toe into various different business ventures. She has had her own acting career, a singing career, she owns her own beach club, and it seems as though she now wants her own beauty line. It’s believed that this is currently in the works, and she has trademarked the name “L.L” for such venture. So far, she has released details about a cream blush/lipstick combo that her fans are eager to get their hands on.

Can you wait for these celeb beauty lines to be released? Because we can’t!