Should you get a blow-dryer or a flat-iron?

Everyone has their own way of preparing their hair in the mornings, whether it’s spending hours creating a masterpiece of lavish curls, or sticking to simplicity and opting for the quick-and-easy ponytail. Whatever your morning routine, there are several hairstyle must-haves that require special attention when choosing them. Two of the most popular beauty tools are the blow-dryer and the flat-iron, but which one would suit you better?

Should you get a blow-dryer…

Blow-dry those worries away

This tends to be an absolute must in anyone’s list of possessions. If you’re late in the morning then you don’t need to worry about rushing to work with drenched locks; you are a simply blow-dry away from perfection. What does a blow dryer do and is it for you? Your hair is a part of your body which means, while it can take a bit of heat, over time it’s going to get damaged if not taken care of properly. According to HSI Professional, blow-dryer’s can control the formation of hydrogen bonds in each strand of hair, thus giving the potential for hair to be straighter than if it was not blow-dried. If you are going for a straighter, but not too fussed about it being dead-straight or adding in certain quirks at the end, then a blow-dryer may suit you without the need for a flat-iron. You can get many add-on accessories for blow-dryers that can de-frizz or even volumize; all without the need for a flat iron!

It’s a multi-tool really

Flat-irons are made up very differently to blow-dryers, as they have two flat panels that you run down the hair; the materials can be ceramic, Teflon, or just a titanium barrel. A blow-dryer is used to dry wet hair, but as a by-product, can have multiple, purposeful outcomes. However, a flat-iron is most certainly not to be used to dry hair and should not be applied to wet hair. Flat-irons can be amazing; if properly applied, they can straighten, curl or even add a bit of flair. If you’re prone to frizzing and prefer a straighter, sleeker look, then the flat-iron can definitely help. However, the critical thing to remember is not to over-do it; they can be great and just the thing you’re looking for, but if not used properly they can cause permanent damage to your hair.

…Or a flat-iron?

There are pros and cons to both. However, it is down to the outcome you are looking for. With any decent hair care routine, it is also wise to take into account the shampoos and conditioners you’re using, as many cheaper products can contain sulfates which professionals have condemned.

Many products on the market can help protect and preserve your hair to keep it in the best condition possible. For both, professionals recommend using heat-protection spray to maintain those luscious locks and prevent them from getting damaged.

If you’re not sure and you would like some clarification, it is generally better to seek professional advice. If you have a hairdresser, why not ask them? They will probably be happy to help give you a few pointers.