Hairstyles that are just long enough to fit into a ponytail

It’s time for a change and our hair is the next thing that needs an overhaul. So what about if you still want to a hairstyle that’s just one enough to fit into a ponytail? Thankfully, there are so many out there that it might not be long before you have a whole new ‘do.

A lob

Lobs have become more and more popular, and it could be time to jump on the trend that’s got everyone talking. So what is a lob? A long bob – it’s that simple! The styles tend to sit between the bottom of our chin and our collarbone and can be perfect for anyone hoping to give the impression of longer hair. Don’t worry if you want a way to keep your hair out of your face; they are still just long enough to fit into a ponytail.

Hairstyles that are just long enough to fit into a ponytail

Texture and bangs

So you’ve opted to take your hair shorter but want to add a little more definition to your look? This is where texture and bangs can be the perfect option. Bangs are a perfect way to frame people’s faces while adding in some simple beach waves or some layers throughout your hairdo can be brilliant for people with thicker hair or those looking to give the appearance of tousled locks. Sometimes, a little salt spray and a curling wand can go a long way when styling our hair.

Layered hair

Thick hair can look great at many lengths. However, adding some layers to your cut can help to give your locks a little texture. The best bit? You can go as little or as far as you like. Some simple layers and shaping around your face could help your hairstyle to look a little more natural. However, more drastic layers can give different options when styling as well as help to thin out some hair. It could be time to talk to our stylist about the best options for our hair type.

A side parting

Just because we’ve opted for mid-length hair doesn’t mean we have to miss out on adding a little variation to our ‘do does it? In fact, switching to a side parting could be all it takes to change up our entire look. This can also give us a few more options when it comes to styling our new haircut. As well as being able to add in side bangs, some people take their look further by shaving part of the thinner side of their hairstyle, too.

Blunt ends

One way to make a drastic change to our look is to opt for blunt ends with our lob. This can be a way to make a statement as all of our hair is one length. This can be great for people with thinner hair who want to make it seem as though they have thicker locks. However, you might find yourself having to head to the hair salon a little more often if you want to keep on top of your new style. At least you’ll still be able to fit it in a ponytail, right?

Hairstyles that are just long enough to fit into a ponytail

Medium-length hair can be the perfect compromise between a shorter look and still having hair long enough that we can keep it in certain styles. Thankfully, these hairstyles are just long enough to fit into ponytails giving us plenty of ways to change our look each day.