Headbands are back: here’s how to wear them

If there’s one thing fashion has made clear over time, it’s that trends usually come, go, then come again. There have been several times in the last decade or so where styles from previous centuries have made very successful comebacks – just look at overalls! And we are not just talking about individuals who choose to go vintage once in a while. Some of the past trends have come back and taken over the scene. A few have been altered a little with some more contemporary looks in order to blend in.

Headbands were once in trend, then they were given a reputation of being solely for five and ten year olds. You probably had a favorite headband when you were little that you always wanted to wear. Kids find headbands super cool and if recent trends are anything to go by, so do adults. As with many trends, the headband made a come back thanks to a few influencers on the media, followed by designers adopting them for their runway looks. If you’re familiar with Blair from Gossip Girl, then you understand how much she made the headband appealing once again.

Photo: Pexels.com

If you thought you outgrew headbands ages ago, think again. They are back and every other grown woman with a sense of style is rocking them. They leave you looking chic in an effortless and, yes, cool way. Without looking like you’re raiding your kindergarten daughter’s or sister’s closet, of course. Below are some ways you can wear your headband for a fun look.

i) Comb all your hair backwards then pull on a headband to the middle. This keeps your hair away from your face and brings out a relaxed look.

ii) For a more festive look, keep your headband at the front, covering your hairline and hair at the front then let your hair run loose and soft.

iii) Use your headband to incorporate color into your outfit. If you’re wearing an otherwise plain ensemble, you can bring a pop of color with a colorful headband.

iv) Use a bow-tie headband for a fun, youthful look. Have your bow front and center, with your hair either in a bun or a ponytail.

v) Play with patterns. Wear headbands that are not just solid colors. Choose patterned ones, multi-colored headbands or even flowery ones. These will keep your look vibrant and exciting.

vi) Match with your outfit. Matching the color of your headband to those on your outfit results in a very stylish look. You can either match it with you T-shirt, coat or any other article of your outfit.

vii) Place your headband a few inches from the hairline, then hold your hair in a high, messy bun. It’s casual, fun, and a great look for a day out in the streets or a night out.

viii) Hold your hair in a low loose bun at the back of your neck then secure a headband at the front of your head.

ix) You can also place your headband just above your middle parting.

Photo: Pexels.com

You can now pull your headbands out and have fun with your hair and this adorable accessory!