Why it’s so important to remove your makeup before bedtime

Hands up if you have ever fallen asleep with a full face of makeup? Usually, it’s after a hard day at work or a crazy night on the town, and you just fall into your bed not thinking about it. You wake up with panda eyes and a streaky face and promise yourself you’ll never forget again. Well, until the next time. However, according to beauty experts, it’s extremely important to remove your makeup before bedtime, and here’s why.

It can cause acne

The majority of makeup is oil-based, which means that it can sink into your pores and clog them up while you’re asleep. This will increase your risk of breakouts and can even lead to acne if you keep doing it. When you’re sleeping, the oily makeup can mix with other built-up dirt and grime from your skin’s surface, which then clogs up your pores and causes pimples.

Why it’s so important to remove your makeup before bedtime

It can cause dull or dry skin

Some foundations actually contain ingredients that can dry out your skin, effectively just sucking the moisture out of it. If you sleep in your makeup, then it could result in you waking up with dry and patchy skin. Also, your skin tries to repair and renew itself overnight. A barrier of makeup will stop this from happening, which can then make your skin look dull. You could wake up looking older and more fatigued, just because you left your makeup on!

Look after your eyes

If you have ever fallen asleep with eye makeup on and found your eyes irritated the next day, then you’re not alone! Sleeping with any mascara, eyeliner or eyeshadow on cause irritate your eyes, cause them to get itchy, and perhaps even lead to infections and cysts. The makeup particles rub off on your pillow and clog up your lashes, causing all sorts of eye problems.

It can block other products

If you’re not washing your makeup off but then slathering on moisturizer or anti-aging cream, then you’re defeating the object of these products. They won’t be able to reach your clogged up pores, and they won’t work as you had hoped they would. Make sure you’ve taken off all makeup before putting any more product on top.

Why it’s so important to remove your makeup before bedtime

Washing it off before bedtime

It’s essential to have a beauty routine before bed, that will ensure you get your makeup off at night correctly. Set out everything you need in the bathroom, so you have no excuses not to wash it off! If you’re going to have a late night and fear you may just fall into bed when you’re home, invest in some micellar water and cotton pads to put by your bed. A quick sweep over of the face is better than nothing, then you can wake up and go through your usual beauty routine.

It might seem like a drag, but dermatologists around the world agree that it’s so important to remove your makeup before bedtime. Even if it is a quick wipe with some micellar water, just get it off your face before you go to sleep!