How to know if it’s time to get new nail polish

There’s nothing better than looking down at your hands and seeing perfectly polished hands. It puts a smile on our face, it makes us feel all happy inside, and it makes us feel complete. In fact, we can’t remember the time we went outside with natural nails. What do they look like? What color are they? Who knows anymore? If you share out excitement for nail polish, there’s a high chance that you have so many colors at home you could basically open up your own salon. But when do you know when it’s time to get new nail polish and to throw your old ones out?

Your old polish just won’t blend together

If you haven’t used your nail polish for a while, it’s natural for it to separate a little bit. Most of the time, a quick shake will have you back in business and painting your nails like there’s no tomorrow. However, if your old polish just won’t blend together no matter how much you shake it, it’s probably time to throw it away. After all, it’s no good if the polish isn’t actually a polish…

Your old polish contains polish remover

One of the best hacks we’ve ever learned is how to make the most out of the last dregs of your favorite nail polish color. A few drops of nail lacquer thinner will give you a few more coats, but some people believe they can achieve the same effect using polish remover. Want to know something? This just isn’t the case. The acetone within nail polish remover actually destroys the quality of the nail polish, which means it just won’t be as high quality as you’d expect. If your old polish does contain remover, get ready to ditch it!

Your old polish is crumbly

Nail polish aficionados will know that if you don’t screw on the top of the nail polish bottle, or if there is leftover polish around the edge of the bottle, it will start to crumble a little bit. This is perfectly normal because the solvents in the polish evaporate over time. Of course, this is perfectly normal if it’s only a bit of excess around the rim of the bottle. If the actual polish inside is all crumbly, it’s time to buy a new one, friends.

Your old polish just won’t open

We’ve all been there. You try to open up your favorite bottle of nail polish, and you just cannot open screw open the lid no matter how hard you try. It has nothing to do with your strength because you’re still super strong, don’t worry. If your polish just won’t open, it’s a great indicator that the contents inside of the bottle aren’t worthy of your time. So, throw it away, and make your way to the store to find a shiny/matte/glittery new bottle…

If you’re currently staring at your nail polish collection and wondering whether they are ready to go to nail polish heaven, it might be time to invest in some new colors. Pretty exciting, huh?