How often should people really cut their hair?

Whether you love heading to the hair salon or want to avoid it at all costs, many of us have found ourselves asking the same question: how often should people really cut their hair? It seems as though a trip to the salon might be in order, after all.

Tight curls

Tight curls mean that we might not have to visit the salon as much as we once thought. In fact, experts believe this hair can cope for 12 weeks before it needs to get cut as that’s how long it takes for tight curls to get split ends.


Natural hair

Not coloring your hair, avoiding heated tools, and being in your early 20s means you probably have some of the healthiest hair in the world. Thankfully, the lack of damage to your hair means that many people can last 12 weeks before they need to have the ends trimmed from their hair.

Long, straight hair

Having long, straight hair often means there is less of a style that needs to be kept uniform. Thankfully, this means people can wait anywhere between eight and twelve weeks before they need a haircut. That is if we use moisturizing hair masks and reduce the damage in between salon visits.

Short hair

Short hair typically needs to be kept trimmed and styled. Letting hair grow too long means that we could lose our style along the way. This means people with pixie or bowl cuts could find themselves having a haircut every four weeks to keep it ship shape.

Fine hair

Fine hair is a burden that many of us have learned to live with over the years. So how do we keep on top of our style? By heading to the salon every four to six weeks. The key is to keep the style shaped without cutting too much off the length.

Layered hair

Layers can add a whole new dimension to our look, but they could need trimming every six weeks to avoid the raggedy, unfinished appearance they may give if they are let to grow out for too long. It’s all about keeping them trimmed and in shape.

Damaged hair

Many of us love to experiment with color and heat styling, but this can wreak havoc with our hair. Thankfully, heading to the hair salon every four weeks can help to phase out any damage caused to our locks while the healthy strands grow through.


Bangs can look great on many face shapes and suit all kinds of styles. However, the addition might mean we need to head to the salon every two weeks to keep them in shape. Having blunt bangs can look great, but they often need to be kept trimmed to make them pop.


It looks as though there’s no one size fits all approach when it comes to finding out how often people should cut their hair. However, it seems like some of us could soon save some money on visits while others might have to free up some space in their diary.