Most popular beauty trends in the last 10 years

Beauty trends change almost daily, but we have seen an impressive number of trends in the last decade. From contouring to matte lipstick, our styles look a lot different now than they did back in 2009. But, what have been the most popular trends of the last ten years, and how have they changed over the past decade?

Lilac hair

Do you remember when your nan used to get a blue-rinse? Well, this isn’t much different! 2016 saw a rise in people dying their hair smokey lilac. According to research, it was one of the most searched hair colors in 2019, so it is still going strong. It looks like we need to book in with the hairdresser.

Most popular beauty trends in the last 10 years

Going gray

We don’t know about you, but didn’t people used to avoid going gray? Not in the last ten years, they don’t. In fact, people have been actively dying their hair a silvery gray color in the last ten years. Our grandparents probably look at us in a confused state sometimes.

Witch hazel

As far as skincare goes, we are still madly trying to find the best product for our ever-changing skin types. In the last ten years, however, witch hazel has become an increasingly popular way of combating problem skin. It is a pretty old school ingredient, but in the last ten years it has come back with a vengeance, and really seems to work for some people!

Cropped bangs

Talking about renewing styles, the cropped bangs are back! Fringes have been widely debated over the years, but it looks as though they have really made their comeback in the last ten years. Channel your inner Bella Hadid, and get chopping, the baby bangs are back!


Freckles used to be detested by the fair-skinned. However, now people are going as far as tattooing a cute cluster of freckles over their nose and even on their shoulders. If people don’t want to go to the extreme of tattooing, that doesn’t stop them! They just whip out a brown eyeliner and draw little freckles on their face instead.

Most popular beauty trends in the last 10 years


People cannot get enough of contouring their face. They want to perfect a chiseled look, and the best way to do that is to add a shadow under your cheekbones, sounds pretty good to us! The Kardashians have perfected their contouring skills, and have been the envy of people all over the world with their cheekbones from heaven.


Highlight is a crucial feature of most peoples makeup routine nowadays. Adding a little bit of shine to your cheeks really makes your face POP! So, if you’re in need of a makeup wake-up, try dusting a little bit of highlight on your cheeks. It will drastically change any look. Don’t overdo it though; you aren’t going to a 90s glitter festival.

We are sure that the next ten years will also bring a number of new trends out, along with bringing several old trends back. Who knows, maybe in 2029, we will be talking about the exact same products we have just listed? Or perhaps there will be a new trend that we can’t even begin to think up right now. Only time will tell what the next ten years will bring in the beauty world, all we know is we have absolutely loved the last ten years of beauty trends.