Is there really a difference between face cream and eye cream?

Sometimes, it can seem as though we need a different beauty product for every aspect of our lives – even moisturizers. It’s time to put the issue to bed once and for all. Is there really a difference between face cream and eye cream?

Is there a difference?

The long and short of it is yes, there is a difference between face cream and eye cream. Many of us have different types of skin on our face, cush as dry, oily, or combination skin. However, the skin on our eyelids is thought to be the thinnest on our bodies meaning it’s even more sensitive to products. While eye creams usually contain similar ingredients to other face creams, they are often in lesser doses to try and avoid triggering a reaction. Plus, eye moisturizers are typically designed to target certain issues, such as wrinkles or dark circles.

Is there really a different between face cream and eye cream?

Looking for an eye cream

When looking for an eye cream, many experts agree there are a few things to look out for. Some creams on the market advertise lost of fragrances, but it looks as though it’s best to avoid the heavily scented ones if you want to keep the skin around your eyes fresh and irritation-free. Plus it’s also thought it’s best to choose an eye cream that is hypoallergenic to lessen the risks of a reaction even further. Finally, many contain caffeine which can have instant lifting and brightening properties around the eyes.

When to use eye creams

Many experts agree that if you are old enough to know about eye creams, then the chances are it’s time to start using them. Although we might not show any signs of aging just yet, our bodies are continually growing older, and it could be time to start moisturizing the area. It’s believed that our teens are the perfect time to add another layer of maintenance to our skincare routine. However, experts warn they can’t always work miracles – merely improve on the tools they have to work with.

Is there really a different between face cream and eye cream?

Can you use face creams?

So what about if you already have a face cream and don’t want to fork out on another expensive addition to add to the mix? If the cream is designed only to moisturize the skin, then the chances are that it’s safe to use around your eyes. However, if your creams contain acne-fighting properties or they have anti-aging chemicals, then it might be best to avoid the delicate eye area. These products can cause major irritation and can even lead to a tolerance of stronger products that might be needed in the future.

While it might seem as though the beauty industry is trying to sell us yet another product – to go alongside our hundreds of others that we thought we needed at the time – it seems as though it could be time to invest in a separate eye cream after all. Who would have thought there was such a difference between face cream and eye cream all these years?