Surprising Benefits to Silk Pillowcases

People spend on average six to seven hours with their heads resting on a pillow as they sleep. So yes, the type of pillowcase you use is important. A good pillow is important for good quality sleep, but a pillowcase can provide other benefits. The debate is whether to use cotton or silk. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of using a silk pillowcase and then you can decide for yourself.

Surprising Benefits to Silk Pillowcases

Helps keep your skin hydrated

Throughout the day or night, your pillowcase is the one fabric that your face has the most contact with. Silk helps keep the skin hydrated as it keeps the skin’s natural moisture locked in. If you have dry skin, this is especially good for you. This will also result in not waking up with that puffy, just-woke-up look. Cotton, however, will absorb that moisture and take it away from your skin.

100 percent natural and chemical-free

Silk is 100 percent natural, as it comes from silkworms that are bred in captivity for this purpose. This means that there are no chemicals used, which your face would otherwise be in contact with if using other fabrics. Silk also has hypoallergenic properties that repel dust mites and other allergens, as well as prevents mold and fungus production.

Better option for acne-prone skin

Silk provides less friction on your skin as you sleep on its slick and smooth texture, which prevents irritation. This is especially beneficial for people with acne or skin prone to pimples. The friction that cotton creates on your face can cause more inflammation on already sensitive acne skin. Cotton not only absorbs the moisture and bacteria from your hair and face, but it absorbs the natural oils too. All of that builds up on your pillowcase after a couple of nights and it’s not good for your skin at all. Silk, on the other hand, absorbs less, which makes it a better option for acne-prone skin.

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Because of silk’s smooth texture, it results in less friction, which in turn means less pulling and tugging on your skin. Research has shown that people who sleep on their stomachs get creases, which in time results in fine lines and wrinkles on their faces because of the abrasive pillowcase fabrics they sleep on. With silk, this doesn’t happen because of its slick texture. In conclusion, according to experts, silk pillowcases can help prevent wrinkles!!

Surprising Benefits to Silk Pillowcases

Helps reduce frizz and protects your curls

The reduction of friction because of the smooth texture of silk is also beneficial for your hair. This helps in preventing split ends as well as reduce frizz for those with naturally frizzy or curly hair. You’ll also find your hair won’t get as knotty in the morning and you won’t have that dreaded bed head look. Silk is especially fantastic for very curly hair as it helps lock in your hair’s natural moisture and keep it softer.

So there you have it, plenty of reasons to swap out your cotton pillowcases for silk. With so many benefits, it’s definitely something worth considering. Other than the positives listed above, silk itself is associated with luxury, so why not get a little piece of that luxury in your life? End off your day resting your face on a smooth silk pillowcase as you drift off to sleep.