Trendiest hair colors for spring

Another season arrives, and another trend is at our door. Many of us love to change our hair with each new season, and it looks as though spring is no exception. However, if you want to stay ahead of the game, then look no further than the trendiest hair colors for spring.

Cool brunette

It might be time to brighten up our brunette locks with a few highlights if we want to rock one of the trendiest hair colors for spring. The new season often means a lot more sun – and that typically leads to lighter hair. However, if the office job is keeping you inside or you can’t wait for the sun to work its magic, then a few gentle brunette highlights could be all you need to take your color up a notch.

Trendiest hair colors for spring

Dirty brunette

Many of us have heard of dirty blonde, but what about dirty brunette? It looks as though this could be one of the biggest trends to hit the season as more and more are opting for the change. The color sees brunettes incorporating a few darker blonde highlights to make their color look a little, well, dirtier. Have no fear; brunettes won’t lose their color to blonde. It merely adds a new dimension to our tone.

Dark blonde

There are so many shades of dark blonde that it can be tough to know where to start. Some opt for a chocolate chip approach as they incorporate blonde locks with natural browns while others prefer an all-over earthy color. They say that blondes have more fun, and it seems as though dark haired blondes could now be setting spring trends, too.

Dusty copper

Many of us dream of having red hair to make a statement. However, spring could be the time to tone it down to a dusty copper instead. This can still make just as much of an impact while helping to add some warmth to our look. Redheads can add in some lowlights to help transform their color, while brunettes can opt for amber tones and blondes can use golden highlights instead.

Trendiest hair colors for spring


Just because winter is on the way out, doesn’t mean we have to say “goodbye” to the darker colors just yet. In fact, spring can still be the perfect time to rock that blackberry hair with ease. Blackberry hair can be perfect for anyone with naturally dark hair looking to add a little color to their look. Adding in a dash of blue amongst the purple tones can help to add some dimension to the ‘do. Just be prepared for a little maintenance that often comes with this color.

Faded pastel

Faded pastels can be a brilliant way to bring a little color to the season without making too much of a commitment thanks to their gentle appearance. There are so many colors to choose from, such as pinks and blues. As if that wasn’t enough, many opt for spray in hair colors meaning you can change your look up every day with a little splash of delicate color in our hair.

Sometimes, it can feel as though we’re changing our hair color every day. Isn’t it great? Thankfully, the trendiest hair colors for spring could be about to take our look into a brand new season while giving us even more styles to play with.