How to wear your makeup like these celebrities

Celebrities are the driving force of where most of our fashion and makeup inspiration comes from. We aspire to look like these women because let’s face it, they are gorgeous, and we want to be gorgeous too. But not every celebrity look is great. Over the years there has been some notable makeup faux pas in the industry. Today we are taking a look at the best celebrity makeup looks and how we can recreate them for ourselves.

Taylor Swift

The die-hard Swifties out there will tell you that there are no better makeup looks than the ones that Taylor can pull off. While we do agree that her look is generally quite unique, some are better than others. Her signature look is clean porcelain skin with a hint of bronzer on her cheeks. Cat-eye black liner with nude tones on her eyes always has Taylor looking beautifully mysterious. She finishes up on her lips with a light pink rouge and gloss for her perfect pout.

How to wear your makeup like these celebrities

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett has had many different looks over the years but she always comes back to what works for her. Her skin is bronzed in all the right places and she lets her brows look natural and untouched. She is versatile with many colors and likes to match up her eye shadow with whatever color she is wearing at the time. Black eyeliner is used sparingly and smokey looks are only worn for evening functions. With lips like these, there’s no need to emphasize them. Johansson uses light rouges or nudes with a simple gloss to show off her beautiful smile.


Beyonce is by no means new to the industry. She has been in the spotlight for 20 years and is always at the top of her game. If anyone can start a trend, it’s the queen bee herself and she has done so with makeup trends many times over. Throughout the years Beyonce has always stuck with a natural makeup style. Not trying to be someone she isn’t, but showing off the natural beauty she already has. Perfectly bronzed skin with shimmery eyes and smokey eyeliner are her go-to look. She finishes off her lips with a soft pink gloss to complete the package.

Kylie Jenner

The queen of makeup herself, Kylie Cosmetics exploded when they were first released. Her online store was completely sold out within hours. Kylie is well known for contoured skin, perfectly shaped brows, and wide smokey eyes. She loves mat, earthy colors on her eyes and wholly believes in lip liner for every occasion. While she can pull off just about any color on her lips, Kylie’s preferred lip color is a soft mocha.

How to wear your makeup like these celebrities

Aishwarya Rai

This Indian goddess has been rated as the world’s most beautiful woman and we cannot argue with that. Aishwarya is no stranger to the red carpet and she always makes a statement. Her flawless skin makes for the perfect canvas of her bold look. Dark smokey eyeliner and dark natural mat eye shadow emphasize her natural blue/green eyes. She ends off her look with gorgeous plum kissed lips.

With so many great celebrities around there is never a shortage of makeup looks. There are thousands of looks to choose from. It’s always best to try out a few to see which ones work well for you.