Being broke in your 20s is okay and here’s why

You might hear your older relatives talk about the good ol’ days where the cost of living didn’t mean you had to work at least seven jobs, and there was still enough left at the end to buy a house. Now it seems as though everything comes with a hefty price tag, but being broke at this age might not be as bad as we once thought…

Getting that education

College and classes may seem as though they cost a lot, but think of all the incredible skills you are making – let alone the memories you are creating from your school days! If you haven’t quite finished your education, you may be preparing for a career. These are the days and experiences that will set you up for the rest of your life and they only happen once.

Passion for life

Living life to the fullest isn’t all about who has the biggest bank account; it’s made up of the thousands of experiences along the way. Whether it’s hanging out with your friends, creating art, or taking part in a sport, in your 20s, there is still that passion for getting out and following the things you love. The bank balance may not be bursting at the seams, but your love for hobbies will be ever growing.

Memory bank

They say it’s not the things you do but the things that you don’t that you regret at the end of it all. With more and more experiences cropping up each year, now is the time to get out and see them all. And that is exactly what a lot of youngsters are doing! Plenty of memories can make their way to the memory bank where they will last a lifetime. No paycheck can replace these.

Adulting is hard

Let’s be honest, being an adult is a lot harder than it looks. While others may seem as though they have their lives together, many are just really good at pretending that they know what they’re doing. Turning 18 is all about practicing until everything is just right. No one truly knows how to behave like an adult, and having an empty bank account is just one of the many steps along the journey.


Traveling is a huge market nowadays, and plenty of youngsters are heading off around the world before there are the responsibilities of a house and family. Plus, this may be the one time of your life you don’t mind living out of a backpack for a few months. Although all your money may be going towards the latest flight offers, imagine all the stories you will have. Precious memories that will last a lifetime.

There’s still time!

There’s time for everything in life. Getting the career of your dreams, starting a savings plan, and settling down don’t all have to be achieved by the time you turn 20. In fact, many don’t even think about these plans throughout this decade! There are always going to be ways to make money, but there won’t always be the weeks to live life to the fullest.

Life isn’t all about how big your bank balance is, and in your twenties, there are plenty of other aspects of life to enjoy rather than how much you bring home at the end of each month. Life is only just beginning – now it’s time to get out there and start enjoying it.