Why being a flight attendant is an underrated job

For so many people, the idea of going traveling around the world is practically a dream. However, some people really struggle with trying to make it work around work, family, and other commitments. Sometimes people’s dreams of traveling across the world have to wait while they focus on things at home, which can cause a serious setback. Going traveling isn’t a cheap thing to do either, it can burn a serious hole in your pocket, of course, for the people whose whole life revolves around vacations and travel, that’s fine, but some people struggle with making ends meet. However, when you’re a flight attendant, it changed things a bit.

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Free travel

Let’s be honest, the biggest perk of being a flight attendant is getting to travel all around the world. It’s a job that literally takes you places. The best part about it is, they also have the opportunity to kick back and relax when they reach their destination. It’s like being paid to go on a short vacation with a few tasks in between. If that hasn’t sold you on the idea then perhaps some of the many other perks might.

Free accommodation

So on top of hopping onto a plane and working that flight attendant mojo, you also get free accommodation. They weren’t just going to send you off to a foreign country and leave you to sleep on the plane, after all, no one would want to sign up! While it might not be the same as the five-star luxury some of the passengers will be staying in, it’s still a place to get some peace and quiet in the midst of an amazing country. People still need flight attendants for the Maldives don’t forget.

Fantastic like-minded colleagues

Other flight attendants will also have a mind for travel, and they will also want to get friendly, which makes it a great place to find some wonderful colleagues. Many flight attendants make good friends with other members of the cabin crew, with many lasting a lifetime. Once you step onto that flight, you’re all in it together.

An easy job

Of course, some flight attendants might disagree, for example, some internal flights can be a nightmare, but for the most part, it’s a load of fun. Besides performing a few essential duties, including checking if everyone is okay and serving food; the job isn’t very complicated! You will be on your feet and have a few problematic passengers, but that’s the nature of the job.

Photo: Unsplash.com

Amazing discounts

It’s not just working on the job that gets you great vacations, but when you want to go on a personal vacation, you will be able to access them at an unbeatable price. It won’t just be you, either, but your friends and family too. How awesome is that? Depending on where you work, you may even be able to get flights free of charge, now who’s winning?

High-skilled training

Being a flight attendant isn’t always about the luxurious lifestyle, especially since they are highly trained individuals when it comes to some serious emergency situations. It’s the kind of job where you can work from the bottom up, but even starting out, they have to learn emergency aid, anti-terrorism tactics, and calming tactics.

Flight attendants are some of the most multi-skilled people, but they have an awesome time doing what they do. People underrate this line of work, but really, it’s a way of life.