Just 3 hours a day is all it takes to become more successful

Even though there are 24 hours in a day, sometimes it seems as though all of those minutes melt away. Before we know it, it’s time for bed, and we haven’t even got started on any of those big projects that we need to get done – ahh! Could just three hours a day really make that much of a difference?

Find a starting place

It could be all the emails you have been putting off, redecorating part of your home, or tackling that big project you have due for work or school – there are a number of tasks that can seem so daunting we end up putting them off. A brilliant way to start becoming more successful is to outline all the parts of your life that need a boost of success and decide where to start. Say the project is due soon, why not pick that one? Once it’s out of the way, you will have plenty of time to continue with the others on the list.

Just 3 hours a day is all it takes to become more successful

The perfect space

It’s all about finding the perfect space to get into the zone. If it’s something that requires full mental concentration then how do you work best? If it’s somewhere quiet, then turn off all distractions and set up everything you need. If you need to be away from distractions at home, then it may be worth heading to a coffee shop. Once you have everything you need, there’s one thing left to do – switch off the phone! This can be an easy distraction that could snap you out of your ideal headspace for working.

The power of three

After all, it’s a magic number! In all aspects of life, we see the number three crop up, such as Goldilocks, medal giving ceremonies, or the primary colors. So when it comes to gaining success, it’s no different. The first hour of your work should help you to get into the swing of the job. By the second hour, you may find as though you are in full flow and the task is soon getting smaller and smaller. Why stop now? By the third hour, you should have made a significant dent in your project if not finished your task. What a blissful feeling.

Breaking it down

If you are one of the lucky ones that manage to bag eight hours sleep a night, then you are still left with 16 hours of the day. That’s a lot of time – 960 minutes to be precise! If you are spending three hours a day on making yourself successful, you are using less than ⅕ of the time you are awake on the task. As well as still having 13 hours of the day to play with, you should start to notice your stress decrease as you gain back control of your life.

Just 3 hours a day is all it takes to become more successful

While three hours of the day may sound like a long time, when it’s broken down it doesn’t seem too bad anymore. What is there to lose? 180 minutes could soon be the answer to all your issues as you turn ourselves into the most successful person you have ever been.