How to make your haters like you

Have you ever had the feeling that someone just DOES NOT like you? Of course, there are some people who make it much more obvious than others. While some people may simply leave your message on the dreaded two blue ticks, there are others who will outright troll you on social media – and it’s definitely not cool. Having haters doesn’t mean that you’re a doofus, though, it just means that we’re all different and that we don’t all get along. It’s just a way of life. However, there are some ways to make your haters like you…

Realize the magic of asking for a favor

One reason why someone might not like you is because they don’t actually know you – they just think that they do. According to science, asking a hater for a favor is actually one of the best ways to turn them into a friend, because it’s all to do with the Ben Franklin Effect. Yep, this paradigm has shown that asking people who dislike you for a favor – such as asking to borrow a pen or asking for some advice – it will shift their perception of you. Before they took on your favor, they would have seen you as a threat or as a person they could not get on with. Yet, as soon as you ask them for a favor, they begin to see you as a friend.

Realize that you can’t change yourself

Let’s be honest; there are always going to be people who don’t like you. They may be jealous, they may be intimidated, or they just might not ‘get’ you. Although it can be easy to change your behavior to make the haters like you, it’s actually more important to realize that you shouldn’t have to change yourself. The best way to get these haters to like you is to carry on living your life as you were. As they realize that you are who you are and that that’s not going to change, they will be more willing to accept that hating you isn’t the right way to go about it.

How to make your haters like you

Try to be there for them

It can be hard to be nice to those who quite obviously hate you – but sometimes you have to be the bigger person and make the first move. Those who are mean to others and actively hurt other people are normally hurt themselves. After all, hurt people normally hurt other people. While it can be difficult to rise above their hatred, often being there for those who are mean to you can help you understand that what they’re saying is not coming from a place of malice. As soon as you understand what’s happening with them, you are more likely to become friends in the long run.

Embrace their hate

Okay, you’ll have to stay with us with this one. Most of the time, we believe that our haters are simply being rude and unkind for no reason – but it could be that they’re actually telling the truth. Although it can often hurt to learn of negative aspects of your life and personality, embracing the hate and learning from it can actually help yourself and help you become friends with those who were hating on you in the first place.

How to make your haters like you

Having any form of hater can be something that will bring your mood and your perspective down in life. However, learning why these people dislike you in the first place and working out what you can do about it can truly help you out. Give these tips a go!