Stay-at-home motherhood amongst millennials

Mothers have been told for many years that they can’t just “have it all.” If they become stay-at-home moms then that’s all they are good for, and they’re not providing for their children, but if they work, they are selfish and are not looking after their children enough. It has always been a difficult juggling act in which moms try to balance their career and their home lives while sacrificing sleep and their own sanity. But things are starting to shift.

The millennial moms

More women seem to be staying at home with their children compared to previous years. For example, around 29% of mothers are staying at home with their kids, which is a stark contrast to 23% in 1999. Although it may seem a little old-fashioned and conjure up images of Stepford-esque 1950s housewives, that is not the case. SAHM in 2017 is rewriting the book.

Why are millennial moms staying at home?

There are many reasons that women might want to, or end up staying at home with the children when they are born. For the past couple of decades, it has usually been because the cost of returning to work. When childcare and transport, etc. has been factored in, it works out costing more than the earnings of the woman and so it has been more cost-effective for the mother to stay at home. In fact, over the past few years, the cost of childcare has increased substantially; however, women’s salaries have remained the same, and so it has become less cost-effective to return to work. There is research that shows that the more educated a woman is, the more likely she is to return to work after maternity. In fact, 70% of moms with a BA and 80% of moms with an MA are going back to work, Around 6% of SAHM say they cannot find a job, but this leaves a lot of moms that are choosing to stay at home.

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The generation searching for fulfillment

Millennials are seen by some as entitled, but the truth is, they seem more confident in their choices and make decisions based on their own satisfaction. Overall happiness is put ahead of making money and stability, and so when millennial moms are choosing to stay at home with their children, it is a conscious decision that they are making and this correlates with lower rates of depression when compared to moms who feel they have had this choice made for them.

Working from home Mommies

The perfect balance for those who want a career but also want to be at home for their children is working from home. Whether this involves creating a small kitchen-table start-up, a blog or even an MLM, this allows moms to earn some extra money when the kids are napping and work around their playdate schedule. Although this sound idyllic, it is incredibly difficult. Imagine the stress and hard work that comes with being freelance or self-employed and working from home, but then also being a full-time parent too. This is not an option for the faint at heart; however, some women can do amazing things as mom-trepenuers, so it’s worth considering.

All moms are amazing. Being a parent is the hardest job, whether you take on anything else alongside that, or focus entirely on the tiny terrors, you created yourself. Millennials are said to be the generation who want it all, and if that involves staying home with their children, they are going to do it – and document the whole thing on their blog!

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