How to take control of your busy schedule and be a time master

There are two types of people in this world – the organized early arriver, or the frantic latecomer. Which one are you? If you’re the latecomer type who often oversleeps their alarm, or the one who’s frequently running for that last bus, then we want to give you some advice on how to be a pro at time management.

We all have busy schedules nowadays, so here are our best tips on how to be an absolute time-master.


Learn to say no

Prioritize! It’s great to be hyper-productive, and those who are proactive are those who make this world go round that little bit faster – but behold, there’s only a certain amount of hours in a day! It’s important you say no to anything that’s going to detriment any other commitments you have.

Get an early start

We all know the early bird catches the worm, so why not try setting your alarm one hour earlier. It’s a lot easier to get into an earlier routine than you may think. You’ll have a more productive day, and you’ll feel less stressed and more focussed on your tasks at hand.

Plan ahead

Keeping organized is vital for staying on top of things. The night before your busy day, assemble a list of all of your to do’s and prioritize. Don’t leave it to your subconscious to deal with, be proactive about your busy schedule and take each duty head-on. The chances are writing a list and decompressing everything you have to do will make you realize it’s not as much as you think.

Remove any distractions

If you’re a natural procrastinator, you need to be honest with yourself and eliminate anything that will disturb you from getting things done. It’s all about will-power. Remember, your phone is the biggest time-waster ever invented – turn it off!

Set a time limit

As well as prioritizing, it’s also important to reserve a certain time for certain things. Making a time limit can naturally make you work harder in getting that particular task done. In a way, it’s almost like a game you can play with yourself. Just make sure you win!


Use the weekend

Sure the weekend is the well-deserved break from work, but if you are really struggling to get things done, then why not take an hour or two to get the miniscule stuff completed. The future self on Monday will thank the past self from Saturday.

Stop being a perfectionist

Nothing is ever good enough if you’re a chronic perfectionist. It’s a never-ending cycle of stress and not feeling good enough. So cut that cycle and lower the expectations of yourself. The chances are you were doing it perfectly fine in the first place anyway. Just do the best you can.

Buffer-time is important

It’s also important you look after yourself. You need that break to breath and that time to rejuvenate your mind and body that’s been working hard. You’ll feel motivated and energized. Get some fresh air, go for a quick walk, or even meditate.

In the 21st century, it feels as though our schedules are getting busier and busier. If only we could add a couple more hours to the day, or a couple more days to the week. Unfortunately, that’s not possible. But what is possible is we can keep our daily lives in order as much as possible. Take these few tips on board, and you’ll be a time master in no time!