When you’re a morning person, these 5 things truly speak to you

If you’re the kind of person that snoozes your alarm ten times before you eventually roll out of bed, we can safely say that you’re not a morning person. Nope, sorry. You love your sleep much more than you love getting up and saying hello to the world, you can’t function without at least three cups of coffee and a Red Bull in your body, and you find the thought of making plans before 10 am absolutely absurd (breakfast? What’s that?) Yet, if this doesn’t sound like you, then you might just be a morning person. If you are, these 5 things will truly speak to you on a spiritual level. You feel me, bro?

You manage to wake up before your alarm

Is there anything better than waking up before your alarm? We think not. You feel like a superhero when you lean over to your clock or your phone to check the time, and can’t actually believe that you’ve woken up before the sounds of The Black Eyed Peas’ ‘My Humps’ in your ears. However, instead of turning back over and getting in a few more z’s before your alarm does actually go off, you have a quick smile to yourself, you jump out of bed, and the birds sing you a song as they simultaneously plait your hair. (DISCLAIMER: We cannot guarantee that the birds will do that, they might be having an off day).

Woman drinking coffee on a front deck.

You love to get ahead of your work

If you’re a morning person, there’s probably a high chance that you love to get ahead of your work day. Perhaps you start typing on your laptop while drinking a cup of coffee before you get to the train to the office, perhaps you clean your house, or you might even finish that book that you’ve been meaning to finish off. Either way, you love to have a few hours to yourself before you really start your day to do something that will make you feel even fresher.

Daylight savings doesn’t affect you

Most people love the idea of falling back, but springing forward is a much bigger deal – and most people absolutely hate it. That is, everyone but you! The idea of daylight savings doesn’t affect you in the slightest because you’re used to waking up early, you love waking up earlier, and you really don’t have a problem with losing that hour’s sleep. In fact, you’re probably pretty darn excited about having another hour to yourself. But be warned: people will think you’re a bit of a weirdo…

You’re getting ready for bed by 9 pm

Let’s be honest, being a morning person is the greatest – but there is one downside. After waking up super early and being super productive throughout the day, you seem to crash earlier than everyone else. Unlike the rest of your friends who can easily stay up until midnight, you’re getting ready for bed at 9 pm. Yep, as much as you try to stay up later and later, your inner grandma simply wants to pop on your pajamas, grab your book, have a nice cup of cocoa, and get ready to wake up early again the next day. It’s hard work, you know.

Nothing will make you sleep in

Even if you do manage to have a night on the town and stay out later than normal, nothing will make a morning person sleep in. Nope, nothing will disrupt your awesome sleeping pattern, and nobody will take your ability to see the world before everyone else wakes up.

When you’re a morning person, these 5 things truly speak to you

Morning people always get a bad reputation for being too eager – but you know what we think? It’s all lies! Getting up early and getting more out of your day is the best thing in the world. You know it’s true.