The best fashion moments on Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is probably one of the most popular teen dramas on American television. The show ran for a total of five years and portrayed the life of teenage American girls belonging to the rich upper class. The teen drama was a mix of emotions, fashion, and some very interesting plot lines Along with entertainment, Gossip Girl has gifted us some memorable fashion moments, some of which we still use for inspiration. Here are some of the best fashion moments on Gossip Girl.


Headbands were a popular fashion accessory used by one of the main characters of the show, Blair Waldorf. Her headbands changed with the different outfits she wore, and she made it something that even adults could try on every now and then. Even today, headbands continue to be an important fashion accessory, all thanks to Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl.

Blair’s wedding dress

Blair was a vision in white as she walked around in her beautiful white wedding dress. She wore a full sleeved gown that was perfectly tailored with a matching headband, and her hair in a gorgeous hairdo. To this day, this dress is known as one of the most iconic moments in Gossip Girl.

The best fashion moments on Gossip Girl

Serena’s bridesmaid dress

Serena, played by Blake Lively, dresses in a flowery yellow dress with layers of frills and a halter neck for a wedding. This was one of the memorable and iconic fashion moments on the series, and yellow floral dresses became a raging trend among teenagers during that time.

Colored tights

Gossip Girl stars managed to bring vibrantly colored tights into the fashion world. Before the show, most girls and women wore tights in either black or white, and of course, beige. The stars on Gossip Girl showed that you can boldly change the color of your tights to match the outfits you wear. The trend stuck in the fashion world and today, none of us shy away from bright colored tights.

Blair’s white dress

Blair wore a stunning, knee-length white dress with a lot of intricate detail for a summer party in one of the episodes on Gossip Girl. Of course, she teamed it with a white headband and a pair of white pumps. She looked effortlessly elegant.

Montage in Paris

A few episodes of the Gossip Girl were shot in Paris, and during these episodes, Serena and Blair treated us to a montage with some amazing wardrobe choices. Some of the memorable choices were Blair’s Moschino dress with a cherry print and Serena’s dazzling number from George Chakra.

The best fashion moments on Gossip Girl

The photoshoot

Blair and Serena participated in an impromptu photoshoot near Central Perk. Their outfits were chic and well made, with Blair in a messy hairdo and a beautiful blue knee length dress and Serena in a stunning red ensemble with a polka dot headband. Need we say more?

Serena’s designer dresses

Serena managed to constantly wow us with her extensive collection of designer dresses. She managed to give off the perfect vibe in the most effortless manner. The teenage audience will never forget her metallic gray knee length dress with lace detail, nor will they forget her golden, off-the-shoulder gown that made her look like royalty.