Kate Middleton’s morning routine

Even though Kate Middleton is the Duchess of Cambridge, she doesn’t always follow the royal rules. In fact, she tries to live a normal life, even though her days are very busy. As an active member of the royal family, she manages to split her time between her husband, kids, and life in the royal spotlight with grace and ease. The following is the morning routine of Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton’s morning routine

Eats a healthy breakfast

Every morning, Kate Middleton loves to drink a special smoothie, in order to make her feel stronger and more beautiful. She actually makes her beverage out of vegetables, with spinach, kale, lettuce, and coriander. The duchess loves healthy food, but her diet also depends on what’s going on in her life.

Takes her children to school

The Duchess of Cambridge tries to maintain a normal life for her children. She is a working mother, like many others, even if she happens to be a member of the royal family. She cares for and raises her children in a down to earth way. In fact, she even walks her kids to school. She drops off Princess Charlotte at her nursery school and takes Prince George to the St. Thomas’s Battersea in West London.

Goes to the nearby supermarket

Even though she is a duchess, Kate Middleton takes care of her own household needs. In the mornings she visits the supermarket in order to buy groceries for her family. For example, she likes to purchase bread, fresh fruits, and vegetables, as well as other items to stock her refrigerator. She also uses environmentally friendly reusable bags for her groceries.

Enjoys going to the gym

Every morning, the Duchess of Cambridge likes to go outside for a run. She does her best to stay fit, so she utilizes the private gym inside Kensington Palace. It is equipped with a rowing machine, a swimming pool, and an elliptical machine. Kate Middleton also takes yoga classes, and she spends some of her morning doing yoga and other exercizes.

Kate Middleton’s morning routine

Walks her dog

Kate Middleton takes her dog for a stroll in the morning. She prefers long walks in the park or in Kensington Gardens.

Plays with her children

When her kids don’t go to school, Kate loves to play with them in the morning. According to Kate, her kids have no idea yet that they are royals, and they need to play just like all other kids. In fact, they spend a lot of time in their garden playing hide and seek or even playing in the mud. In fact, the Duchess of Cambridge does everything she can in order to raise her kids with discipline – just like any other kids. She wants to bring up well-mannered and humble children.

Spends time with her husband

Kate Middleton and Prince William try find some time in the morning to spend together, before they begin their day. Kate and William dedicate some time in the morning to talk about their kids, the charities they have to attend, and sometimes Kate accompanies her husband to royal duties. She also spends part of her mornings answering letters or having meetings with the staff.