Meet Kalen – the best fashion and food critic on YouTube

If you’re just as obsessed with YouTube as we are, you’ll know that there are some YouTube stars who just take over the world. They become viral sensations, they become self-made millionaires, and they give us all a little help and advice in our lives. Yes, YouTube has become the ultimate platform for us all to learn a little bit more about the world around us. We can find awesome makeup tutorials, we can watch some of the latest music videos, we can learn all about politics, and we can even watch critics break down the latest products, movies, trends, and more. This is where Kalen comes in because he is your go-to man for fashion or food critiques…

A YouTube sensation

Nowadays, it seems as though the world and his dog are trying to make it big on YouTube. Every day people are uploading videos of themselves singing, cooking, or not really doing a lot, and hoping they will be the next big star on the rise. Of course, it’s not as simple as posting a video and hoping you get millions of views, because YouTube is all about picking up on the latest vibes and knowing what the public want. In our eyes, Kalen Reacts has just that. With over 500,000 subscribers to his name, Kalen Reacts has not only become a YouTube star, but his videos have also made their way onto Facebook and been shared millions of times. After all, the world just can’t get enough of Kalen Reacts…

What does he do?

So, who is Kalen Reacts and what the heck does he do? Well, this Kansas native first joined YouTube in March 2017 and has quickly become one of the most famous men on the platform. In short, his famous concept is that he reacts to some of the weirdest and most wonderful moments on television. It may be that he reacts to a scene in a documentary show about animals, it may be that he reacts to a dish on a cooking show, or it may be that he reacts to an outfit a celebrity rocked down the red carpet. Although the situations change, the reactions always stay similar. They are over-the-top, they are hilarious, and they are totally addictive.

What are his most famous videos?

Although Kalen Reacts doesn’t have that many videos on his YouTube page, they have all racked up millions of views – and there are some that are much more popular than others. Some of his most famous videos include: Kalen Reacts to Potato Salad Cake, Kalen Reacts to Cockroaches in the House, Ken Reacts to Sweet Potato Pie, and Kalen Reacts to Tasty Cornbread. Yes, they may sound a little silly, and that’s exactly what they are! But he’s giving the people what they want.

What is he doing now?

If you follow this YouTube star, you’ll know that he hasn’t posted a new video in about three months, and that’s because he has been snapped up by one of the most famous shows in the world; The Ellen DeGeneres Show. In fact, this hilarious YouTube star has been given his own segment on her award-winning show. In this segment, Kalen reacts to all of the latest food and fashion trends and gives a hilarious low-down on the latest entertainment news and gossip. With his wide-brimmed hat in tow, this guy is making waves in the world of popular culture.

Kalen Reacts is now one of the most successful YouTube stars to ever grace this earth, and it seems as though his hard work has now paid off. Thankfully, this new show means we can get our weekly dose of fashion and food criticism. What could be better?