How old is Giada De Laurentiis, and what is her secret to looking so young?

We first saw this Italian beauty back in 2003 when she debuted on her show “Everyday Italian” on The Food Network. And what a trip it has been! Giada was only 33 years old when she started on the show and we are astounded that after 16 years, she still looks exactly the same. Has the now 49-year-old Giada found the fountain of youth? You would think so, but not quite. The foodie superstar does have a few anti-aging tricks up her sleeve and we are bringing them to you.

How old is Giada De Laurentiis, and what is her secret to looking so young?


It goes without saying that a world-class chef is very aware of what she puts into her body. But we aren’t talking about calorie restrictions or watching her carb intake, oh no. Giada believes in enjoying life to the fullest, and part of that enjoyment is good food. She allows herself to enjoy the spoils of desserts and has never been ashamed to talk about her love for dark chocolate. The trick is in the balance and quality. She eats organic, whole grain, low GI foods. She adds good oils to her daily diet like avocados and believes that olive oil is the real nectar of life that sustains youth for longer. Giada understands that a balanced diet is where she needs to be to stay looking as good as she does.


Even with the best diet, there’s just no way to look this good without taking care of her skin. And Giada does! She has some family skincare secrets that her mom has passed down to her and they obviously work. She only uses all-natural skincare products and strictly follows her routine every day. Starting her routine with a facial cleanse, she then moves on to a deep home-made exfoliation of rice flour and olive oil mixed into a paste. After polishing her skin, she follows through with a mask before applying her daily moisturizer and SPF. Giada is very cautious of melanoma as it runs in her family and never leaves the house without applying an SPF of at least 30. Her nighttime routine is more simple, but it’s very important for her to remove all of her makeup before turning in for the night. Not only does she take good care of her skin, Giada also takes care of her hair with the occasional avocado hair mask to lock in moisture and shine.

How old is Giada De Laurentiis, and what is her secret to looking so young?


The beautiful Giada lives by the philosophy that if you laugh a lot, your future wrinkles will be in the right places. Well, we couldn’t agree more. After all, laughter is said to be the key to youth as well. Living her best life is what it’s all about and that does not include the gym. Just the thought of a treadmill gets her down. Giada stays active through yoga, walking on the beach, paddle boarding, and spending time with her beautiful daughter. Her daughter, Jade, is now 11 years old and will surely be asking her mom for beauty tips any day now.

We could all hope to look this amazing at 49 years old, and as we can see, it does take some effort. We can’t wait to see what the next 16 years have in store for this culinary rock-star.