9 parenting lessons we’ve learned from Kate Middleton

Let’s be honest; we’ve all wanted to be royalty at some point. Whether you wanted to have hair as long as Rapunzel (you know, without the whole being-locked-in-a-tower-thing) or whether you wanted to be like the young Queen Elizabeth II after becoming obsessed with The Crown during your Netflix binging sessions, we’ve all had to reside to the fact that we won’t actually be royalty during our lifetimes. At least, not outside of our imagination. Instead, we’ve had to reside to the fact that we will just have to follow every little detail of the lives of those within the British monarchy, which is how we’ve learned these 9 parenting lessons from Kate Middleton…

It’s best to be a hands-on mom

Kate Middleton is the epitome of a modern mom. Although she’s not drinking avocado lattes and rocking Dr. Marten boots every day, she is showing the world that she don’t-give-a-darn about traditional royal custom, and is breaking away from the social system. Rather than hiring a maternity nurse or nanny for her children like every other member of the royal family, Kate has put her foot down and told her handsome hubby that she can handle it all on her own. She takes George and Charlotte to school, and she even goes on playdates!

9 parenting lessons we’ve learned from Kate Middleton

It’s important to protect your kids’ privacy

It’s fair to say that the Kate and William are the most famous royals on the planet right now (although we have a feeling this may change when Harry and Meghan tie the knot), which means that all eyes are on them and their adorable children. Yet, Kate has always tried to keep her kids out of the public eye. Of course, it’s pretty hard to do so all of the time, considering Prince George is the heir to the throne, but she does her best.

Take control over published photographs

One of the main ways that Kate controls which photos are shared with the rest of the world is by taking them herself! Kate has proved that she is a keen photographer over the years, and was the driving force behind the photographs of Princess Charlotte’s first day of school, as well as her first official portraits. Wonder if she’s available for weddings? We’ve heard Harry and Megz are on the lookout…

Never underestimate a date night

You don’t have to be a Duchess to know that parenting is darn hard work. There are sleepless nights, there are tears, there are tantrums, there are dirty diapers, and there’s food all over the floor – and that’s just Kate and William! (We’re totally kidding, we love you really). Despite their busy lives, Kate and William always make time for date night. They go for dinner, they go to basketball games, and they even have a pint at their local pub.

It’s fun to share your hobbies

Considering he was raised by a bunch of royals and given a top-class education, Prince William is one of those people who is good at everything – including sports. Kate has also proved her athletic worth during her field hockey days at college, so it’s only natural that these royal parents have shared their hobbies with their children. In fact, when Prince George was just 2 years old, he had his first ski lesson. Shred the gnar, George.

9 parenting lessons we’ve learned from Kate Middleton

Know when to say no to your in-laws

It can’t be easy having Queen Liz as a grandmother-in-law, and we can imagine most people just fall at her feet and do whatever she says. However, Kate has learned how to say no to Queen Elizabeth II and has proved that she is more powerful than some traditional royal protocol. In recent years, Kate has shunned their chauffeur-driven car and has even skipped the Queen’s famous Christmas dinner in favor of dinner at her own parents’ house.

Always find solace in your parents

Even the most powerful and confident royals often feel overwhelmed by parenthood, which is why it’s best to always find solace in your parents. According to reports, Kate always rings her personal sage – AKA her momma – when she needs advice or parenting tips. Apparently Queen Elizabeth has helped out with parenting tips in the past, too.

Avoid sibling rivalry

If you grew up as the older sibling, you might have rued the day that your little brother or sister was born – because, from that day on, you were no longer the favorite. Because of this, sibling rivalry may have been a huge issue in your household. Yet, Kate isn’t about that life. In her attempts to avoid sibling rivalry, Kate ensures that she spends quality time with both Charlotte and George, and she’ll do so with the new addition on the way.

Don’t be scared to be the bad guy

Everyone knows that parenting requires discipline, but when your kids are so darn cute, it can be hard to tell them off and be the bad guy. However, Kate pushes through this fear of being the bad guy to be the disciplinarian for her kids. This was shown in 2017 during her sister’s wedding, when Prince George, Princess Charlotte and the rest of the adorable pageboys and flower girl’s were being a little naughty.

Kate Middleton is one of the most inspirational women of this decade, but it seems we can learn so much more from Kate than simple grace, decorum, and fashion…