Are you doing your makeup correctly?

Let’s be honest, we all like to think that we’re the next big beauty blogger on the scene, but in actual fact, most of us have absolutely no idea what we’re doing. We roll out of bed and attempt to make our face look more presentable; we buy the latest products because the commercials told us so, and we pick up the coolest brushes so that we can have all of the gear… but no idea. Yep, most of the time we are trying and failing to do our makeup correctly because most of the time we’re not doing it right at all! Are you doing these things? Is your makeup routine in this order? If not, you’ve been doing it wrong this whole time…

Prime your face

First things first, you need to prime your face ready for the onslaught of makeup that will soon be making its way onto your skin. To get the perfect base, you need to find a primer that works for you. This will help reduce the redness of your skin and create a smooth surface for your foundation.

Are you doing your makeup correctly?

Foundation first, then concealer

How many of you put concealer on your face before your foundation? Well, it turns out that you’ve been doing it wrong your whole life! To do your makeup correctly, you actually need to apply your foundation before applying your concealer. This is because your concealer can actually come off when you spread foundation over the top. Yet, spreading concealer over your foundation will not disturb it.

Bronzer first, then blush

If you’re the kind of person that loves to add color to your cheeks, you might use both bronzer and blusher to give your cheeks that little bit of oomph. If this is your jam, it’s best to apply your bronzer first, before adding blush. This is because bronzer not only gives you that colored tint you want, but it also acts as its own contour for your cheekbones. If your bronzer sits on top of blusher, it will look blotchy and thick. Always ensure that you put your bronzer on top of your blush if you want a professional, finished makeup look.

Eyebrows first, then eye makeup

It can be so easy to leave your eyebrows until last. After all, they normally finish off your look and make you feel like your look is complete. However, professional makeup artists note that it’s always best to do your eyebrows before any eye makeup. This is because your eyebrows shape your face and give you a clear arch to go with. Simply brush them and fill them in with pencil, and you’ll be able to know what you’re working with when it comes to your eyes.

Are you doing your makeup correctly?

Eyeshadow, eyeliner, and then mascara

Making sure your eyes look perfect can be an almost impossible task. You smudge your mascara when you try and do your eyeliner, your eyeshadow just seems to get over your whole face, and it soon turns into one hot mess. However, it seems as though you may have been doing it wrong this whole time. To properly perfect your eyes, it’s always best to apply your eyeshadow first, then apply your eyeliner, and then top it all off with mascara. This ensures that it stays perfect and doesn’t smudge.

Finish off with powder

When you’ve applied your foundation, perfected your brows and got your eyeliner on fleek, you have just one thing left to do – you powder your face up! To ensure that your makeup doesn’t run or that your face doesn’t get oily, you need to apply powder on top of your makeup. This will absorb the oils and ensure that your whole look stays in place for the rest of the day. What more could you want?

We all like to think that we have our makeup routine sorted, but it seems as though you may have been doing it wrong this whole time! Follow these rules, and you’ll be sorted in no time.