Basic rules of men’s fashion

It’s amazing how many men still need advice when it comes to the relatively simple task of looking well-dressed. After all, these are people who make important decisions in everyday life, yet they can’t manage to put on a t-shirt that matches their jumper. To help these poor souls we’ve put together some easy rules that anyone can follow.

1. Wear plain t-shirts

Yes I know, the t-shirt with the hilarious saying and slightly rude image will make everyone laugh and feel jealous they don’t have that shirt too. But trust me, go plain. It goes with everything and can be paired with casual jeans or a smart pair of trousers. Best of all, they’re cheaper than t-shirts that not everyone will appreciate.

Basic rules of men’s fashion

2. Choose a good fit

This is an easy one but so many get it so wrong. Don’t go too baggy and definitely don’t go too tight. The right fit should hang nicely around the torso, but doesn’t look like it’s been surgically attached to the body.

3. Plain isn’t just for t-shirts

Now this is important. Never ever wear jeans with print on them. Apart from looking faintly ridiculous, it is certain to give off a very untidy vibe that is difficult to recover from. No matter what shirt and jumper combo is paired with those jeans, they’ll get all the attention and the look will be ruined.

4. Keep your wardrobe fresh

We all have our favourites and keep some clothes for longer than we probably should. There’s nothing wrong with keeping a comfy top or pair of tracksuit bottoms to wear about the house. In fact, they can be very comforting when getting cosy on a cold winter’s night. But when going out to the shops or for a walk about town, make sure the comfy clothes are also looking sharp. A new purchase every now and then will mean both comfort and a good look are easy to achieve.

Basic rules of men’s fashion

5. Look after your shoes

Another one that’s often neglected. If it’s trainers then give them a wipe down after a muddy day out, and if it’s smart shoes then make sure to keep them clean and polished. Not only will the look be better, but they’ll last longer too.

6. Learn when to tuck your shirt in

I mean come on, how does this even need to be pointed out? If it’s wearing a shirt to work, then it needs to be tucked in, always, no exceptions. But jeans and a t-shirt, or tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt, then let the shirt hang free and easy. If it’s jeans and a shirt then let the occasion make the decision. A barbeque with mates calls for the shirt to be hanging out, but a work picnic with colleagues means a more formal tucked in approach is needed.

7. Layer up

Not only is this handy for staying warm in the winter, but it’s a great chance to showcase a keen sense of style. A nice knee-length overcoat can really enhance a smart suit at work. If it’s more casual wear then a light waist-length sports jacket will make that athletic look really stand out.

8. For goodness sake use an iron

All the hard work has been done. The trip to the shops to buy that lovely shirt, trying it on in-store, paying for it, taking it home again and getting it out of all that unnecessary packaging. Now it’s time to impress and wear it out to dinner with friends who are sure to ask about it. But what, why is no-one looking impressed at such a dapper shirt? Because it’s full of creases and wrinkles as a 5 minute iron wasn’t done! It’s easy, just take the extra few minutes and trust me it’ll be worth the time.

9. If all else fails, find someone to copy

Pick a celebrity with a keen sense of style or an athlete you admire. It’s not necessary to spend the money they do on clothes, but they can act as a source of inspiration.

And there it is folks, a snappy list to make looking cool and always getting it right a cinch.