Best dresses for the summer

The sun, the sea, and the heat. Summer is on the way, and many of us are already busy thinking about our wardrobes for the season. If you want to find the best dresses for the summer then look no further; we’ve got you covered.

Shift dresses

Shift dresses are simple styles that hang in a straight line all the way from our shoulders to the hem of the dress, usually just above the knee. Most of the styles are sleeveless meaning we have plenty of freedom when trying to keep cool in the summer heat. Plus, their simple cut means that we can be as bold or a tame as we like when it comes to choosing a pattern for our shift dress.

Shift dress

Maxi dresses

Want to feel like a floating queen? We’ve got you covered. Maxi dresses can be the answer to most things in life as they help to keep us covered up from the sun while still giving us plenty of freedom to move without the worry of tight material clinging to us. The best bit? There are so many ways to wear this style that we can rock a maxi dress all day before a few accessory changes to make it nighttime ready.

Shirt dresses

Heading into the office all dressed up can be enough to make many of us feel hot and bothered already. We might have a solution that keeps everyone happy. Shirt dresses are perfect for those wanting a smarter look without having to wear a skirt or pants to the office. A simple blazer can make this style meeting ready while pairing it with some sneakers can entirely transform a shirt dress.

T-shirt dresses

There’s nothing quite like wearing an oversized t-shirt, right? It might be time to take things to the next level with a t-shirt dress. These can often be our best friends as the light material makes them ideal for the person on the go. Plus, these styles tend to be loose, which means they’re comfortable for the days you have to spend sat down or traveling. A pair of sneakers could be all you need to complete the look.

Tunic dresses

Tunic dresses tend to have longer sleeves for those of us that want a little added protection from the sun. The style is designed to be loose, not snug, to give us plenty of freedom while trying to escape the heat of summer. The best bit? There are so many ways to wear the look! As if that wasn’t enough, this is a piece that can easily transition from one season to the next with just a few simple accessory changes.

Tunic dress

Skater dresses

If you want a shorter yet flowing dress, then look no further; a skater dress could be the look for you. Once again, these dresses come in many different styles with some opting for full sleeves while others have small straps instead. Either way, these dresses are fitted to the waist before they billow out into a floating skater skirt bottom. They’re certainly one way to look fashion ready while staying cool this summer.

Summer is almost here, and it’s nearly time to restock our closet ready for the new season. Thankfully, the best dresses for summer should be enough to help make sure that we stay cool and feel great for the warmer weather.