The best fashion moments on Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl had teens worldwide glued to their television screens as they were drawn into the lives of a group of teens that lived in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf have since become iconic fashion idols to teen girls as they flaunted their designer clothes on every episode. So much so, in fact, that top designers were lining up to have these girls wear their outfits on the show. Let’s take a look at some of the best fashion moments.

The best fashion moments on Gossip Girl

Grand Central outfit

Season one, episode one – what a great way to start off the show. Serena pulled off a super casual look in style. She combined a classic tan leather jacket with a striped sailor-style shirt and accessorized with a silk neck scarf. This outfit was just a teaser for other fabulous ones to come as the season continued.

Prom gown

It was prom night and Blair wore a breathtaking gown by Marchesa and absolutely nailed it! This gown looked like a black grand peacock with its gold feather-like motifs. Blair proved just how elegant and stylish she could be in this episode. In case you didn’t know, Marchesa is Georgina Chapman’s fashion line and she is still dressing many other celebrities in other television shows as well.

Grecian white party dress

In season two, Serena attends a white party at the Hamptons wearing this gorgeous Oscar de la Renta dress, which made her look like a Greek goddess! She had coupled it with an ornate head chain with some bling, which was the season’s hottest item at the time. Her choice of hairdo just topped off the look and made her look the part.

Matching backless dresses

The girls had a photoshoot wearing matching Eleanor Waldorf dresses. Serena wore a red one and Blair wore a dusty light blue one with different colored skinny belts that complement the dresses perfectly. Wow, what a fashion statement they made! This photoshoot was one of the most iconic scenes of the season.

The best fashion moments on Gossip Girl

Gold cotillion dress

Serena wore this dress as she made her society debut. In this episode she wasn’t particularly excited to make her debut but boy oh boy did she turn heads in this dazzling dress. Pamela Dennis designed this gorgeous number with its sleek bodice, ruffled skirt, and long train to give it that extra touch of elegance. This was also the dress that her cousin stole a few seasons later.

Red slip dress

Blair absolutely rocked this red slip dress that she wore at a black and white ball, which shows you just how she didn’t conform to fashion trends but instead created them. To finish off the look, her boyfriend, who was her date at the ball, also wore a red suit. You could say he was her perfect accessory.

Constance school uniforms

The girls attend Constance Billard School and let’s just say they wore their uniforms in non-uniform ways. Serena, Blair, and their friends gave these dresses their own flair. They coupled up their uniforms with leather jackets, funky tights, ruffle socks, and heels.

Whether you think Gossip Girl is the best show to ever air on television or not, you can’t deny the fashion statements made throughout its seasons. Girls everywhere are still looking to replicate these outfits, whether it’s to make a statement themselves or to feel like a teen socialite.