The best fashion museums in the world

If you adore fashion and want to learn more, then you’ll probably want to visit one, if not all, of the world’s best fashion museums there are. Fashion museums give a visual insight into what the world was like when they were created, providing an inside look into the inspirations and creativity that led to their conception. They are also a landmark in time, while some museums exhibit a variety of pieces, designs, and designers, some are dedicated to one exclusive world-famous designer and tell a more specific story. So, which are the best fashion museums in the world?


The Victoria and Albert Museum – London

This museum is not exclusively dedicated to fashion but pays homage to many cultures and facets of society. However, it has been reported that the V&A museum has around 14,000 garments and various items from a whopping five centuries ago. That will really tell a story of fashion development around the world, and you will see first hand at the world’s leading fashion and arts museum.

The best fashion museums in the world


Ferragamo Museo – Florence

If you have a keen interest in footwear and, more specifically, heels, then this is a must-see. This museum is dedicated to Salvatore Ferragamo, who created the wedge and cage heel. It has been said that his success can be attributed to their success in the U.S, with stars such as Marilyn Monroe enjoying them. She was even part of a temporary exhibit as a result. Clearly, we can thank Florence for some fashion geniuses.

Museo Frida Kahlo – Mexico City

The famous Frida Kahlo has stolen the hearts and minds of people around the world but has gained massive popularity within the U.S and Europe. While many of her paintings can be found elsewhere, she also has a museum in Mexico City called ‘Casa Azul,’ which has become increasingly popular, and many of her garments can be found here. Some of the gowns have Mexican influences and even feature in some of her paintings. If you have a keen interest in Frida Kahlo, this museum should not be missed.

Christian Dior Museum – Granville, France

The incredibly famous fashion design and label Christian Dior is more than just that; it is a unique establishment of fashion identity and has been hailed for changing the rules of elegance. The designs and gowns you will see here are astounding and will offer you the opportunity to compare and contrast the fashion of today. This museum has been around since 1988, so it feels more like taking a time machine in fashion’s past.

The best fashion museums in the world

Gucci Garden – Florence

See Gucci’s collection history at the famous ‘Gucci Garden.’ Gucci is one of the world’s most high-profile and famous fashion brands. Gucci started as a small leather goods store in Florence, 1921, and got much of his fashion inspiration after working in London’s prestigious ‘Savoy’ and aiming his designs toward the horse-riding elite. This museum is an incredible homage and holds a vast variety of permanent exhibits.

There are plenty of museums all over the world, but the decision will be based on your preferences, as art and fashion are so personal, no one can decide for you.