The best ways to avoid wrinkles in your clothes

Whenever we go out, we always want to look well-put together. That means wearing clothes that match, fit and look good on us. But our clothes are bound to get wrinkled one way or another, and it just doesn’t look good if we are wearing wrinkled clothes. Good thing there are some things we can do to avoid getting our clothes wrinkled. Read on and you might just get some useful tips.


Don’t wear clothes straight out of the dryer

Wearing clothes that are still a little damp is more prone to wrinkling. Clothes fresh from the dryer need to cool down to room temperature first. Otherwise, they will wrinkle easily. If you need something from the dryer, take it out at least an hour before you have to wear it so it has time to cool down and dry.

Iron your clothes

Ironing clothes can become an extra task, but if you are very particular with keeping your outfit immaculate, then allow some time to iron your clothes, either all at once or one by one as you need to wear them.

Use an anti-wrinkle spray

These sprays are a godsend. You can buy them in stores and you can even carry one in your bag just in case you are wearing a wrinkly item of clothing. The spray will not totally eliminate the wrinkles, but it will significantly reduce them. It is especially helpful if you need to wear linen for a long period. You can just spritz it with the spray and you’re good to go.

Sit with your clothes pulled tight on your body

When sitting down, make sure to pull your skirt or loose pants to your thighs so they don’t get wrinkled with your weight. Straighten your top as well, after sitting down so it doesn’t crease when you lean on your back.

Try sitting with legs parallel each other

It can be difficult, especially if you are used to crossing your legs when you sit. Sitting cross-legged will crease the legs of your pants or your skirt. Train yourself to sit with feet flat on the floor. Doing so will keep your clothes wrinkle-free.


Wash clothes separately

Not only do you have to separate the whites from the coloreds, but to prevent wrinkles in the laundry, you should also separate the heavy items from the lighter ones. This is because the heavier fabrics such as jeans will crush the lighter ones in the washer, making the latter more wrinkled when they come out.

Fold or hang your laundry

If you want to pull of clothes from your cabinet with the least wrinkles, make it a habit to fold your clothes properly or put them in hangers. Instead of leaving them in the dryer until you need to wear them, take them out right away and fold or hang.

Although it may be totally unavailable to get your clothes wrinkled, at least there are ways to delay their appearance. When shopping for clothes, it’s a good idea to pick fabrics that are not prone to wrinkling. Linen is very prone to wrinkling, you haven’t even worn it and it will already be wrinkled. But if you must wear fabrics that are prone to wrinkling, maybe you can wear them for a short time so you don’t look too shabby after a few hours.