Clothes that you can wear in any season

Shopping for clothes can either be a curse or a blessing. If you love shopping, then it is obviously a blessing. Otherwise, it can be downright annoying to shop for essentials. Living in a country with varied seasons, it is important to stock up on the essentials that you can wear regardless of the season. There is no use keeping only a set of specific type of clothing in your closet and then just buy anything that the day requires, such as a sweater. Today’s climate changes rapidly. One day it’s scorching hot, and the next it’s freezing cold. Your closet should always be prepared for any season that may come. Here are some of the staples that you should always have that you can wear no matter the season.


You can’t live without jeans. They are perfect for hot summer days, and layer them over leggings in the winter. They are also warm enough during autumn and spring. Own a few jean styles that you can mix and match with any top and wear with any type of shoes.



A blazer is perfect for office wear, and it’s cool enough outdoors during the summer. If it gets cold, you can layer it under heavy coats. You can wear them with skirts, jeans and dresses.

Loose dress

Dresses are made for summer, when it’s hot and humid but still give you enough possibilities to wear them when it’s cold out. You can layer a dress under sweaters and jackets during the winter, and wear leggings underneath. You can also pair them with jean jackets during windy days.


Own at least several scarves in different fabrics and thicknesses. You can wear a scarf even on sunny days. Make sure to choose light and airy ones so you don’t feel too hot. For colder days, a wool scarf is your best bet to protect y our neck from the cold.

Leather biker jacket

You can never go wrong with a leather jacket. Yes, even on hot days! It’s great for keeping yourself warm and also giving you an edgy look. A pair of boots on your feet and you’re good to go. During the winter, you can layer it with a sweater underneath so you don’t freeze.


Crisp white button-down shirt

This is one piece of clothing that you should always have in your closet. It’s one of the most versatile clothing items that you can wear with virtually anything and anytime. It’s great for layering, and as a solo piece for when it’s too hot outside. Choose a fit that is in between loose and fitting, so you have room for layering during winter.

Pencil skirt

You can wear one when it’s hot and pair it with dainty heels. You can also wear it even if it’s snowing or chilly. Wear boots high enough to cover your exposed legs and keep you warm. You can also have other types of skirt that will go well with any season.

When choosing all-season items of clothing, make sure that you can pair them with your existing clothes. You don’t want to spend money on something that you can wear with the same looks over and over again. Find something that is versatile enough not only in terms of seasons, but in terms of overall look as well.