Clothes Kate Middleton wore that were immediately sold out

While many of us know Kate Middleton for being married to Prince William and for bringing three adorable children into this world, we also know her as a style icon. Yep, you just need to look at her wedding dresses to realize that this girl has style. Although she’s a Duchess and has certain rules of decorum to maintain in terms of her fashion sense, Kate manages to keep her fashion in line while impressing us all at the same time. She’s chic, she’s sophisticated, and she’s pretty darn cool – which is why so many of the clothes Kate Middleton wore have immediately sold out.

Printed Banana Republic Skirt

Although she may be the most stylish women in the monarchy, it’s fair to say that Kate Middleton likes to keep things plain and simple. Because of this, the world couldn’t contain itself when she walked out of her palace wearing a printed Banana Republic Skirt that featured blocks of light blue, navy, and white. This knee-length number was worn for a charity event in London and sold out just hours after the pictures hit the papers. That’s kind of a big deal.

Clothes Kate Middleton wore that were immediately sold out

Topshop Smock Dress

Considering she travels the world with her hubby in tow, Kate needs a wardrobe that will allow for intense heat – while still being conservative. Fans thought she had found the perfect high street steal when she wore a pink and black Topshop smock during a visit to India. While the Duchess was wandering around a conservation and feeding baby rhinos, this was all her fans back home could talk about. In fact, this $140 dress sold out completely and has not been available since!

Temperley London Dress

Everyone knows that Kate has her favorite designers and brands, and her obsession with Temperley London has not gone unnoticed. Because of this, the whole world is now obsessed with this brand, too! While Kate was lunching with the Prime Minister of India, she donned a beautiful knee-length seafoam green dress that featured intricate lace detail – and it was absolutely beautiful. Although it may have cost fans a whopping $1,395 to dress like the Duchess, it still sold out completely.

Diane Von Furstenberg Wrap Dress

Kate just knows how to rock a dress, and this Diane Von Furstenberg Wrap Dress is the perfect example of this. This simple blue and white print complete with tie wrap looked elegant and stylish on the Duchess, and it seems everyone else wanted a piece of the action. In fact, they wanted to get in on the action so much that this dress sold out just eight minutes after she posed for the cameras in 2014!

Marchesa Oxblood Gown

In 2017, Kate Middleton rocked the red carpet at the Opening Night Royal Gala of 42nd Street the musical in an impressive Marchesa Oxblood Gown that turned heads the whole night. This mid-length A-Line dress was a huge hit with her fans thanks to the detailing on the bodice, as well as the bold and beautiful skirt (it also helped that Kate was in it). The dress originally cost $1,195 but sold out so quickly that fans had to take to eBay to purchase the dress for nearly three times the original price!

Clothes Kate Middleton wore that were immediately sold out

Kate Middleton is one of the few members of the royal family who has made a real impact on the world of fashion, and she doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. We wonder how many more times she will cause websites to crash and sell out within minutes?