The coolest malls in the world

Do you love shopping? Actually, we don’t know why we asked that question. We don’t know anyone who doesn’t like splashing the cash and buying new things every now and again, and we even know a few people who probably splash the cash a little too much. Although the rise in online shopping has allowed people to buy whatever they want whenever they want, there’s nothing better than actually seeing a product in front of your very eyes. It’s even better when you can finish off your shopping trip with a little visit to the aquarium, a ride on a rollercoaster, or even a quick wedding!

The Grand Canal Shoppes, Las Vegas, USA

We don’t need to tell you that Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. While most people know Sin City for its casinos and its nightlife, many people forget that it’s also an architectural wonder. Located in the fabulous Venetian Hotel & Casino is a life-size replica of the actual canals in Venice. You can either wander around these exclusive stores, or you could take a gondola ride through the water to reach your next stop.

Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE

Dubai is known for being extremely fancy and over the top, and its mall is no different. You’ll need to dedicate a whole week to make your way around this place because there are over 1,200 stores for you to enjoy. As if that wasn’t enough, this beautiful building also comes complete without countless restaurants and eateries for when you’re feeling a little peckish. The Dubai Mall also comes complete with a giant aquarium and indoor theme park. What more could you want?

The Mall of America, Minnesota, USA

You probably don’t need two guesses as to which country the Mall of America is located in. If you ever find yourself in Minnesota, you’ll probably want to make your way to this place, because it has everything you could possibly need from a mall. As well as having 4.2 million-square-foot in retail space and over 400 stores to peruse, there are also a whole host of activities to keep you busy. You can beat your friends at miniature golf, you can have a go on the flight simulator, and you can even get married in the wedding chapel. 

West Edmonton Mall, Alberta, Canada

If you’ve ever wanted to visit the largest shopping center in North America, then look no further. The West Edmonton Mall in Canada has everything you could possibly dream of located inside of it, including some of the coolest stores, a petting zoo, a shooting range, countless movie theaters, a theme park, and the largest indoor waterslide in the world! You can’t just take a quick trip to the mall when you have the West Edmonton Mall around.

When you have a day to yourself, how do you like to spend it? If you’re the kind of person that loves to spend their hard-earned cash and love to go on a day out, then these cool malls are definitely for you.