How to decide who to take bridesmaid shopping

The big day is rolling around, and it’s time to think about who will be coming with you to the bridesmaids’ shop – how exciting! Although you might have chosen the color scheme, that doesn’t mean it’s simple to choose who will come with you to the big shop. In fact, this can be one of the hardest parts of organizing the wedding party. Have no fear; here’s how to decide who to take bridesmaid shopping that will hopefully make it all a lot easier.

Think about going it alone

Yes, this might sound like a brave move, but bridesmaid shopping on your own could be the way to make sure you don’t have any unnecessary stress from anyone else in your wedding party. You don’t have to do the entire process on your own. Shopping solo could give you the chance to narrow down the bridesmaid dresses to just a few before using the other tips on the list to take a small party with you for the final selection.

How to decide who to take bridesmaid shopping

Choose bridesmaids of all shapes and sizes

As with any outfit, what looks great on one person might not suit someone else. Unless all of your bridesmaids are clones of each other – which would make the whole process a lot easier but isn’t always practical – it’s essential to take bridesmaids of all sizes with you on your shop. This way, you’ll be able to see if your choice of dress looks good on everyone involved. If there is one person in particular that you think might be hard to dress, then make sure they are with you for the final try on.

Less is more

Most of the time, having only two bridesmaids with you is key. Not only will you be able to keep your search focused without having to worry where everyone is, but you won’t have to deal with many conflicting opinions. Your wedding day is all about what you and your partner want. Although the bridesmaids giving their advice can help when you’re stuck on a decision, they might really be making the process a lot harder than it needs to be.

How to decide who to take bridesmaid shopping

Take your BFF

Our best friends are our best friends for a reason: they are always there for us and know everything there is to know about us. In fact, they can often know us better than we know ourselves. So who better to have by your side than someone that understands all your likes and dislikes? They can be the rock you need throughout the initial choosing process as they give their honest opinion about the gowns on offer while also thinking about your personal style. BFFs can be the calm you need in the bridesmaid dress storm.

Opinions matter, but not too much

Choosing bridesmaids dresses is tough. After all, it’s your big day so surely you should be happy with their gowns? But it’s your bridesmaids that will be wearing the dresses all day. When it comes to decide who to take bridesmaid shopping, you could save yourself a whole heap of trouble by choosing people in your wedding party that will give their opinion when asked, but are pretty flexible when it comes to style. You’ll never be able to please everyone, but they can at least pretend they are happy with your choice.

Bridesmaids are great. They’re the people in our lives that have been there through thick and thin, and now they can be by your side as you celebrate your big day. However, that doesn’t mean you have to bring everyone along for the bridesmaid shop. Instead, whittling down the list can ensure a less stressful, more productive shopping trip.