How to dress for cold weather and still look stylish

When the leaves start to fall, and the Christmas buzz takes us firmly by the bauble, we also have to completely change our wardrobe. There’s no more space for tank tops and cut-off denim shorts because it’s getting colder, ladies and gents. This is an exciting time for fashionistas because we get the chance to mix up our style and add even more layers into the mix. It also means we have an excuse to go shopping – which is something we always need. But how do you dress for the cold weather and still look stylish?

Mix up your proportions

The best part about winter is that you get to wear even more layers, but it can sometimes feel as though you’re always covering up your stylish outfit with a giant coat. Thankfully, there is a way to combat that. All you need to do is mix up your proportions, so you give each individual item their very own chance to shine. Wear high-waisted pants with a long-sleeved sweater, and top the whole thing off with a puffy vest and an oversized coat. It’ll be layers upon layers, but you’ll be able to see each and every one.

Get your colors out

Just because the evenings get darker and the days become duller doesn’t mean you have to wear drab outfits. In fact, you should take this chance to really shake your outfits up a notch, and add blocks of color into your everyday style. Color-blocking is the go-to hack when it comes to your winter wardrobe because you can still stay warm, but also add some style into the mix. Color-blocking is also incredibly versatile because you could stand out from the crowd in a bright red coat, or you could be more subtle with some bright blue gloves. The choice is yours.

Go oversized

Go big or go home, right? The few months of the year where the weather turns cold are the few months of the year that you get to go as oversized as you want without anyone judging you. In fact, it’s frowned upon if you don’t go oversized. However, it’s important to get the proportions right when playing with this style. While you can wear a giant oversized cable knit and coat on the top half, pair the knit with some tights and cool winter boots to show the world that you do have a body under all of that material.

Play with your textures

Because winter is all about layering, you also have the chance to play around with textures. Want to wear leather pants while wearing a wool knit and a denim jacket? Go for it! Just make sure that you top the whole thing off with a cotton scarf and a beautiful hat. There are no limits when it comes to winter textures, which means you really can have fun with trying everything on and seeing whether you like it or lump it.

So, is it possible to dress for cold weather and still look stylish? Of course it is!