How to dress like a millionaire on a budget

It’s not always easy trying to look amazing, but when you want to dress like a millionaire, it’s easier than you think. You only need to nail a few key aspects, and you’ll be on your way to people double-taking as you walk on by. They will be questioning whether or not they should be rolling out a red carpet for you to walk along. Here are some great tips and tricks to dressing like a millionaire on a budget.

Ditch the labels

While it might be tempting to buy as many designer branded items as possible, it’s not necessarily a sign of wealth. In fact, many people choose to purchase designer brands to give the illusion of wealth, which has created a separation between branded items and actual wealth. That’s no bad thing either, it’s simply that if you’re going for the legitimate millionaire look, then you’re going to have to rethink your strategy. Don’t get us wrong, a branded item here and there isn’t going to hurt if that’s what you want, but often, understated is the best kind of stated.


Keep your clothes in great condition

The one thing that some of us are terrible for doing is putting on clothes we know should go in the trash. However, if you want to dress like a millionaire, then you need to make sure that all your clothes are in the best condition they could be in. Make sure they’re pressed and smell fantastic – a millionaire would have them dry cleaned and pressed by someone else. Sure, you might have to do this yourself, but you’ll look fabulous.

Keep up to date with the latest

You will need to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends. Go on social media or pick up a fashion magazine. No matter how you get your source material, you will then need to use it to find cheaper versions. Not to mention, style doesn’t cost a thing, so often all we need to do is accessorize, or wear our clothes in a particular way.

Drape those clothes

One example of this is wearing your clothes like a millionaire. The drape is key; it looks super sophisticated and ultra-fashionable. You will look a million dollars just by knowing how to drape your jacket or cardigan over your shoulders. Dressing like a millionaire is as much about attitude as it is about wearing those clothes. To look first class, you need to wear your clothes first class.


Accessorize appropriately

Thankfully, accessories and hats are easy to come by. All you need to do is have the confidence to go out and grab them. You can shop in a budget store, a thrift store, or a high street store, and you can come across something that works perfectly well. Get yourself a pair of large glasses, an in-style hat, and drape your sweater, and you’ll look like you know what you’re doing.

Work that confidence

Sure, we can tell you how to wear your jackets or what to buy, but you’re not going to feel a million dollars if you’re uncomfortable or unconfident. You will need to learn that you look great, and realize that you are slaying that outfit. Make sure you’re choosing outfits that complement your shape and style, and you should be just fine.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to look awesome, so choose wisely and be confident.