Essential pieces of advice from the world’s biggest fashion specialists

When it comes to fashion, some people are naturals, and others think that socks and Crocs are acceptable in public. Thankfully, there is also a middle ground: those of us who have the potential, but perhaps need a little bit of guidance to reach our fashionista best. Here are some pieces of advice from real-world fashion gurus that you can choose to work into your own style.

Less is more

Coco Chanel was a strong advocate that every person should look in the mirror before they leave the house and take off one accessory. Whether that’s a piece of jewelry, a scarf or a hairpiece, she believed that it was better to wear less than to over-accessorize.

Less is more

Accessories are the key

While Coco Chanel wanted you to take your accessories off, Giorgio Armani believed that you should always invest in good quality bags, belts, ties, and shoes to be able to reinvent outfits by switching up the accessories. He is a big believer that a watch is one of the most important things for telling people about yourself, so you should invest in something special.

The power of the LBD

Any woman can tell you that a little black dress is one of the most essential things in their wardrobe because it is so versatile. Karl Lagerfeld agreed that you can never be over, nor underdressed if you are wearing a little black dress; it’s a perfect balance. Speaking of dresses, Yves Saint Laurent makes a fantastic point that the most important thing in a dress is the person who is wearing it – something that Ralph Lauren seems to echo when he explained that fashion is about more than labels and brands, but about something that comes from inside of you.

Head to toe

Designer Christian Dior felt that the proof of elegance could be seen in how much effort a woman puts in her shoes. So before you put on your worn-out pumps just for comfort, try to choose a pair of shoes that ties your outfit together and finishes it off nicely. He also believed that without a hat, an outfit is not complete, and a woman is not adequately dressed.

Head to toe

Lifted up

Another not-surprising fan of the transformative power of shoes is Christian Louboutin, who believes that they have the ability to lift your mood, as well as your body and change the way your attitude comes across. Giorgio Armani is another shoe supporter, who insists that cheap shoes are an example of a poor economy as they are the basis of your wardrobe and, as such, should be invested in.

Of course, one of the top rules of fashion is to break the rules whenever you can, so take this advice on board, and then feel free to turn it on its head completely! For example, Coco Chanel wanted women to beware of originality, as she believed it often leads to a ‘carnival,’ however, we think that fashion is all about innovation! You do you!