Everything you need to know about hats at royal weddings

Let’s be honest; there’s nothing more exciting than a wedding. It’s a day for love and celebration, and sometimes there’s even a bit of frivolity thrown into the mix. Of course, things get a bit more intense when this wedding involves a member of the Royal Family. These guys live their lives in the limelight, and most of the time their wedding is also broadcast for the whole world to see. We got the chance to watch Prince William and Kate Middleton walk down the aisle, and we even got to see Meghan Markle and Prince Harry get hitched on our TV screens. However, you may have noticed that the accessory game at these royal weddings is something special. Everyone wears hats, right?

Everything you need to know about hats at royal weddings

Women must wear a hat at all times

According to royal etiquette, women must wear a hat at all times when a royal wedding is involved. This rule actually dates back to before the 1950s, when it was frowned upon for women of high society to have their hair on show in public. Because of this, they would always wear hats to formal events, and this tradition has just stuck with the Royal Family ever since. While they no longer have to keep their hair away from the public eye on any old day, a celebration such as a royal wedding brings back this tradition. For example, Meghan and Harry’s invitation stated that women should all come dressed in a “day dress with hat.”

Size really does matter

If you’ve looked at pictures of any royal wedding recently, you might have noticed that the hats and fascinators that guests wear aren’t exactly the smallest in the world. They can probably be seen from space, actually. This isn’t just because they want to stand out from the crowd, but because size really does matter. Within the royal circle, it’s been noted that a medium-to-large hat is mandated for every wedding ceremony. The aim is to show off your wealth and your place in society, although more modern brides are choosing to relax this rule a little.

The trim is always on the right

Most of the guests at a royal wedding don’t just wear their hat in the middle of their head and be done with it. No, there are certain rules when it comes to the trim of these things. Most notably, women are supposed to wear their hats and headpieces on the right side of their head. This means that the rim should normally lean to one side, or that the decoration on the hat or fascinator sits atop this side. It’s not known why this is the case, but we can only assume that they believe the right side to be right.

Everything you need to know about hats at royal weddings

Men can wear hats if they want to

Although most female guests wear a hat to royal weddings, you only see a few men wearing them. So, what gives? Men are allowed to wear hats to the wedding if they want to, but once again, they have to follow a few rules. Contrary to female hats, the trim of a man’s hat must lean to the right, and he must take it off upon entering the wedding venue. This is a sign of respect and etiquette. Of course, the man doesn’t have to take off his hat if he is wearing it for religious reasons.

So, keep your eyes peeled for these hat rules when the next royal wedding comes around…