Fashion rules that need to be broken

With all these rules doing their rounds in the high court of fashion justice, or the internet if you prefer calling it that, it’s getting harder to keep track of what to wear. Yes, there are a few items that don’t do anyone any justice. However, there are a few rules that need to be thrown out the window, along with those embellished velour tracksuits. It’s time to get adventurous with your fashion choices and start feeling confident in those decisions.

These are a few fashion rules that should be broken even if the golden rule book says otherwise.

Fashion rules that need to be broken

Heavy metal

Mixing gold with silver?! What a heinous crime! The truth is, anyone can get away with it. The key to pairing gold and silver jewelry is to make it look intentional. Create the ultimate statement piece by stacking bracelets together. Be sure to use a few different sizes and shades of silver and gold for an even edgier look. Do the same with rings, mix thicker bands with thinner ones and play around with different shades of metal. Rose gold is always a winner so don’t forget to add it to the mix as well.


Despite what our grandmothers may have told us, handbags, shoes, and belts do not need to match. It may seem like common sense to pair these items with the color of your outfit, but it could land up looking a bit matronly and outdated. Instead, create a chic, modern look by mixing things up a little. For example, use a bold color bag as a statement piece together with a neutral outfit like jeans and a white blouse. If you are wearing an outfit with earthy tones, accentuate it with a pair of colorful flats or heels to create an interesting, fresh look.

Denim duo

The Denim on denim rule can be broken. It’s one of the easiest and most stylish looks to accomplish if it’s done right. The rule is mostly in place to prevent us from looking like we’ve just spent the day herding cattle at the ranch. The trick to creating the perfect denim duo is to pair different shades and washes together. For example, wear a light denim long sleeve shirt together with a pair of dark skinny jeans. Pairing a dark blue denim jacket with white or bleached denim pants creates the perfect denim duo look.

Overall overhaul

Who says overalls can’t be classy? A slim-fitting overall paired with the right jacket and shoes can create a stunning casual or formal look. For example, wear a sleek blouse underneath slim-fitting denim, silk, or leather overalls with a pair of pumps. On cooler days, drape a bold color overcoat over your shoulders for that extra edge.

Fashion rules that need to be broken

Color clash

Two words, red and pink. Pairing red and pink together might have a bad reputation in the fashion rule book. However, when paired correctly, it can create a fresh and sophisticated look. The key is to find the right shades. Always stick to a true shade of red and pair it with a varying shade of pink. Anything from a blush or powder pink to a striking bright fuschia will do the trick.

Don’t let the rules hold you back. Be fearless with your clothing choices and remember, confidence matches with everything.