Glasses trends you need to know about

Eyewear is that one accessory that’s always adopting new styles, designs and looks once in a while. The shapes, colors and sizes glasses come in never run out, and designers tirelessly put this to use. Glasses are an accessory that can be worn anywhere, at any time, by anyone and with any outfit imaginable. So there’s no one time when they’re kept locked up in their cases because they’re out of season. After all, forgetting the non-prescription fashion glasses, lots of people wear glasses because they’re necessary for their sight. It’s a relieving thought to most of these people that prescription glasses do not have to be bland and boring pieces of metal and lenses perched across their faces. For the style-conscious, the variety available allows them to try out as many looks as possible.

So, what’s hot, what’s cool and what’s not with glasses trends? Below are popular trends you can never go wrong with.

1. Vintage frames

Truth be told, a lot of vintage stuff never quite goes out of style. If anything, retracing past styles seems like such a cool thing to do. They get better when mixed with modern styles, and this is exactly what is happening with glasses frames. Designs from as early as the 1920s still rock and look especially unique.

Glasses trends you need to know about

2. Tinted lenses

There’s probably no other accessory that gives one a touch of mystery and intrigue than a tinted pair of glasses, especially if they’re blackout. They’re perfect for people who want to hide from the world. If the tint is colorful, then it’s a way of adding some color to your face. You can experiment with as many colors and tones as possible to accentuate your skin tone and match your outfits. Colored lenses are also a way of presenting a fun and lively personality.

3. Oversized sunglasses

Bigger is better, and glasses have not been left behind. Comfy, glamorous and fun, this is a trend worth tapping into. Oversized glasses come in different shapes, so there are plenty of options to avoid having your face shape looking ridiculous or all swallowed up.

4. Cat eyes glasses

This is one of the sexiest glasses trends out there. Distinct, playful and cozy, they bring in a sexy appeal to any look.

5. Transparent lenses

Most people use sunglasses to cover up, but this trend contradicts this. Transparent lenses leave the eyes visible, so there’s no mystery going around. Sporting this trend is a good show of self-confidence. It’s also the one eye wear trend that allows you to experiment with eye makeup to get a more sophisticated look. For instance, dark mascara or eyeliner will create a good look.

6. Thin frames

After heavy, chunky frames, thin frames are now the new style to rock. Basic, light and functional, they’re not as boring as they may sound. Simple is classic in many ways, and with different styles and designs, thin-framed glasses bring about a timeless style to any look.

7. Colored frames

This is one of the easiest ways to sport glasses that look absolutely stunning and complement not just your face but also your outfit. Choose whatever color fits your fancy, or even get multi-colored ones. They’re trending, and there are countless options.

Glasses trends you need to know about

8. Statement pieces

Wearing glasses and making them the center of the outfit is also a trend you could go with. It could either be that they come in a unique style, design, color or size. Wide frames and flashy logos can have an attention-grabbing effect.