A great hack for moving clothes

Although moving is an exciting adventure, the actual act of packing up your worldly belongings, transporting them elsewhere and unpacking them again, is a bit of a pain. You could just shove everything haphazardly into boxes and deal with it at the other end but trust us, you’ll regret it! The internet is full of tips and tricks to make moving much less stressful, and here is our favorite hack to make moving clothes much more efficient…

Moving your clothes

Moving clothes is one of the worst parts of moving. How are you supposed to do it?! Do you take them all out of your closet, fold them up into boxes and unpack them at the other end, only to hang them back up immediately? Do you cram them all into a suitcase and live out of that for the first few weeks? Do you simply leave all your clothes behind a vow to go clothes-free forever?! There is a hack to make this easier and allow you to carry on being a clothes-wearing member of society.

All you need is a trash bag

Yep. All this hack requires is your average, run of the mill trash bag. If you’re moving, the chances are that you will have a whole roll of these laying around, so you don’t even have to buy anything new or specialist to make moving your clothes a thousand times easier.

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A great hack for moving clothes

So how do you do it?

Well, first of all, don’t even take your clothes out of the closet yet. This hack works best if they’re all still hanging up. Open your trash bag and put the clothes inside, starting at the bottom and making sure you keep them on their hangers. Once you’ve worked the bag up to the top, you can use the handy trash bag drawstring to tie the coathangers together, and simultaneously seal the bag. This way your clothes are hung up but kept securely together, and no items should fall off and get crumpled. You may need to use a new bin bag every twenty or so coat hangers, but this method means that it’s so easy to carry all your clothes at once.


Either hang the clothes up in the removals van or lay your cleverly wrapped up hanger-packages on top of one another in the back. They won’t take up as much room as they would have if you had folded them in boxes and if you’re clever you can even use them as extra padding to separate big pieces of furniture.


When you get to the other side, simply hang the coat hangers up in your closet, all at once and remove the trash bag. It will be as if they never left! It’s certainly not a high-tech hack, and it really does just need a trash bag, but we are sure that once you try this for the first time, you will be using it forever, and telling all your friends about it too.

Sadly, not everything will be this easy to move. There will be a fair amount of lugging boxes and dragging suitcases, but having all your clothes already hung up as soon as you get into your new place will undoubtedly be a massive chunk of work off your plate – you’re welcome!

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A great hack for moving clothes