How to know if it’s time to toss your old clothes

Have you found yourself reaching for the same outfits time and time again? Perhaps there is a staple piece that seems to go with *everything* you own? Sadly, our clothes aren’t built to last forever, and it could be time to discover how to know if it’s time to toss your old clothes.

It no longer fits

Of course, this is an easy way to tell if it’s time for your clothes to find a new home. If you can’t fit into your outfit then what good is it doing sat in your closet? It’s no good to anyone here! It could be you have outgrown the look, or you may have changed shape or grown too tall. Whatever the case, clothes that don’t fit properly probably won’t be the most stylish of looks.

How to know if it’s time to toss your old clothes

It’s no longer on-trend

Many fashion trends have come and gone over the years – and we’ll be the first to hold our hands up that we can’t wait to jump on the trend train when it pulls into the station. Although many of the styles can be reworked into new looks, there are some that are just too trendy to make the adaptation. These are the clothes that might, unfortunately, have to go with the new season.

It has that annoying habit

A seam that scratches, a crease that pinches, or a material that’s way too itchy – these are things that most of us don’t want to experience when we’re wearing an outfit. Getting dressed for the day isn’t supposed to see us tackle a challenge – it’s meant to be a way to express ourselves comfortably. Perhaps now could be the time to start looking for a replacement to your uncomfortable favorite?

You’ve fallen out of love

Sometimes, it can seem as though we will never get bored of a particular item. It could be a pair of shoes we love to wear or a top we are never seen without. Although we can wear these items almost every day at some points in our lives, there could soon be a time that we realize they no longer have the same effect. Now, they are just taking up precious space in our closets instead.

How to know if it’s time to toss your old clothes

It’s taking up room

Some clothes can only be worn in certain seasons. However, there are others that just never appear to go with our looks. Sure, we can convince ourselves time and time again that we are waiting to wear it on a special occasion or that it cost a lot and we deserve it, but if we haven’t worn these pieces in more than a year then the chances are we won’t be reaching for them anytime soon.

Many of us have had those days when it looks as though there is nothing to wear – even though we are staring at a closet full of clothes. If you want a revamp or need to declutter your life, then learning how to know if it’s time to toss your old clothes could be the perfect solution.