What are lab grown diamonds and why are they important?

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, at least they are according to Marilyn Monroe. For years they have been the precious stone of choice for fancy jewelry. People love them, but there is a new generation of diamond on the scene that is causing a stir. They are grown in a lab, but you could never tell. So what are these lab-grown diamonds, and why are they important?

What are they?

You might never have heard of a lab diamond before, but you might have seen one without knowing. They are exactly the same as natural diamonds and are, in essence, just a bunch of carbon molecules in a fancy pattern. Scientists have figured out how to recreate diamonds in a lab, and they are available at a fraction of the price. Experts haven’t yet figured out how to value these lab-grown stones, so now’s the time to take advantage while they’re cheap.

Lab grown diamonds

How they’re made

The lab diamonds are made by forcing carbon to deal with intense pressure and heat, replicating how they are created by the Earth’s magma center. Natural diamonds are then transported to the Earth’s crust where we can mine them, but now no one needs to go digging for them. After tons and tons of pressure and heat are combined with carbon, the diamond begins to form, and after a month of this exposure, it becomes complete.

It’s important to understand that this is not a fake product, it is the real deal, the only difference is it wasn’t dug out of the ground. The only people who can tell the difference are those with specialist equipment who know what they are looking for.

Why they’re important

The lab-grown diamonds are important because it means we can put an end to the mining processes that force people into slave labor around the world. No longer do people have to be exploited by wealthy overlords, forcing them into the mines to pluck out the precious stones. You’ve probably heard of blood diamonds, and this is where the phrase comes from.

In some cases, the stones taken from the ground are funding rebels and anti-government organizations. Each diamond found puts another gun in the hands of people out to do harm. Some of those forced into labor at diamond mines are children, and the creation of the lab diamond can put an end to their suffering.

Lab grown diamonds

There’s more choice

Besides being a great human, you can also save yourself money and increase your options. The diamond-making process means you can choose what size your rock comes in, rather than relying on whatever diamonds are being dug up from the ground. Adding color is no problem, and people are able to customize their lab-grown diamonds exactly to their taste.

For once the cheaper option in life is actually better than opting for the ‘real thing’ as you won’t be supporting the blood diamond industry. Lab-grown diamonds are exactly the same as naturally formed ones, so do yourself a favor and save money by opting for them instead.