Little-known secrets about Kate Middleton’s beauty routine

Although Meghan Markle is the new royal on the scene, it’s fair to say that Kate Middleton has not shied into the background. No, the Duchess of Cambridge is still one of the most-loved women on the planet, and she just seems to be perfect in every way! Is she Mary Poppins? She looks after adorable children, she makes sure that everyone is treated equally, and she always looks flawless. Over the years, fashion and beauty lovers across the globe have marveled at the fact that Kate always looks flawless – but did you know these little-known secrets about Kate Middleton’s beauty routine?

She combines two hair products

The general rule of thumb when it comes to washing your hair is that you use a shampoo, and then you use a separate conditioner… but Kate Middleton doesn’t follow this rule! Although she doesn’t use the kind of 2-in-1 shampoo you could buy at your local drugstore, she does use a product that is similar in its concept. Kate regularly uses a “botanical non-lather holistic shampoo’ which has come directly from her hairstylist in Chelsea. Erm, can we have some?

It’s all about the hair net

When you think about hair nets, you probably think back to your high school days when your canteen dinner lady would serve you slop on a plate. Yep, there is no way that Kate Middleton would wear a hair net, right? WRONG! When she’s not wearing her hair loose and perfectly blown out, Kate loves to rock an up-do. However, with a heavy work schedule under her belt and a full day of events ahead of her, Kate needs to ensure that she won’t suffer from any hair malfunctions during the day. So, she uses a hair net over the top of her updos to keep them in place. They are so thin and perfectly matched to her hair you can barely see them!

She loves face oil

We all know that dry skin is a no-no. Your skin will look flaky, it will lose its color, and it is a nightmare to correct. Luckily, Kate Middleton has a secret beauty regime in place to ensure that her skin always looks supple, shiny, and shimmering. Every day, she uses rosehip oil on her skin to add in much-needed moisture and keep her skin velvety. It seems as though it does the trick, because she always looks so amazing.

The polish is always perfect

Let’s be honest, we love getting our nails done. A manicure will never go amiss with us, that’s for sure. The same goes for Kate Middleton, but she doesn’t pick a bright neon pink for her upcoming vacation, she doesn’t get diamante’s stuck onto her pinky – because she’s not actually allowed! According to the rules and regulations of the royal family, any nail polish has to be a nude or neutral color. Because of this, Kate normally has beige nails that are perfectly preened.

She knows how to add volume

Whenever you look at Kate Middleton, you’re probably struck by how perfect her hair is. It’s always voluminous, it’s always bold and bouncy, and it’s pretty darn impressive. But how does she add so much volume to her hair? Well, it seems as though she takes a trip back to the ‘60s for this beauty trick, because she uses the backcombing technique! She takes the top layer of her hair and backcombs the roots so they stand up slightly, and then smooths over the hair that is mostly on show. It totally works.

Kate Middleton is a style and beauty icon, but it seems as though some of her beauty secrets can be replicated by you at home! You’ll be looking as flawless as the Duchess of Cambridge in no time…