Makeup hacks that will change your life

While you might have finally mastered contouring or now know the difference between a matte and liquid lipstick, it seems as though there could still be plenty to learn. Thankfully, these makeup hacks are sure to change your life.

Easily remove glitter polish

While we might want to add a little fun to our nails, that glitter nail polish can prove to be a real beast when we need to get it off. Many of us have spent ours soaking our hands in nail polish remover while others have given up and merely wait months for it to chip away piece by piece. All you need to do is use white glue as your base coat, and it will just peel off when you need to remove the layer for your next color.

Make your eyes appear larger

Most of us have the mascara face as we delicately apply layer after layer in the hope of making our eyes look as large as possible. Have no fear; it turns out all you need to do is apply your mascara toward your eyes instead. This technique will help to make your eyelashes look fuller which, in turn, will help make it appear as though your eyes are larger.

Get your eyeshadow to pop

Colored eyeshadow can be great until we realize we need 100 layers to make the color stand out, only for it to rub off within a few minutes of leaving the house. The answer? Merely cover your eyelid with white eyeliner before you apply your shadow and voila! The color will pop thanks to the blank base which will also help your look to last all day. It’s a win-win situation.

The perfect winged eyeliner

It can be simple to lose hours of our lives trying to perfect out winged eyeliner. Before long, we can often find ourselves with the ultimate panda look only to scrub it all off and start again. Now could be the time to change. All you need to do is outline your wind with a sharp pencil eyeliner before filling in the gaps with your favorite gel liner. No more delicate fiddling around your eye with your gel brush!

Use dry shampoo at night

Dry shampoo has saved many of us over the years. What else would we do when we sleep in by mistake or realize we have an early meeting 5 minutes before we need to leave? Although most of us apply our dry shampoo as part of our morning routine, it turns out we could have been doing it all wrong. Giving your hair a spritz before you go to bed not only means it will work into the roots, but you will also wake up with a lot more volume as a result.

Whether you’re a makeup expert or new to the game, it seems as though these makeup hacks could be about to change your life forever. Sometimes, a few small changes can make any of us look like an expert in no time.