How to master the Parisian fashion

French fashion has a certain je ne sais quois, and it’s a fact universally acknowledged that Parisian women are chic and stylish. Who wouldn’t want to rock a Parisian look? Here’s how you can replicate that Paris style wherever you are in the world.

A tailored blazer

A well-fitted, sharp blazer is the perfect iconic piece for a touch of Paris sophistication. It’s all about the fit, so try a few styles on to find the one that screams effortless – even if you actually spent hours in a changing room to achieve the look.

A white shirt

A crisp white button-down, or tee pairs perfectly with the blazer and a pair of jeans. This has to be whiter-than-white and perhaps a little oversized to suggest coming from a romantic love affair with a handsome French man, and stealing his shirt.


La marinière

Is there anything more French than a classic marinière? Of course, an official marinière is very specific in that it features only 20 10mm-wide navy blue stripes spaced precisely 20mm apart, but any similar style of horizontally striped shirt or jumper is a good look, too.


Sunglasses are the ultimate sleek accessory, think oversized and bold. Don’t be afraid to go for large shades that take over the majority of your face – no need to be subtle. Play around with different styles and shapes to choose what works best for your face.

Kitten heels

The beauty of a really great pair of heels is that they can take a good pair of jeans from day to night. Whether you are off shopping, or to an important business meeting, pair some stylish, pointy-toed heels with some sleep cigarette pants to look like the boss you are.

A little black dress

The LBD is one of the hardest working items of clothing in any wardrobe. As any aspiring fashionista can tell you, black dresses come in so many styles, it’s essential to get it right. A Parisian LBD is cinched in at the waist and demurely falls just below the knee. It is simple yet elegant all at the same time.


White denim

This is something that not everyone can pull off, but it just cries out French sophistication. A straight-leg pair of white denim jeans, with a thin brown belt and a slightly cropped short-sleeved tee, or oversized jumper is the perfect summer outfit.

A bold red lipstick

To pull off a classic red lip, you have to have confidence and style. Whatever you are wearing, a good red lipstick will make you stand out in all the best ways. Keep it fresh and topped off, though, even when you’re drinking wine on a terrace (or something equally cool).


The most important thing a Parisian woman wears is her confidence. A French woman is not looking to seek the approval of those around her, but her mere presence demands respect. The clothes and accessories are nothing without confidence and charisma.

So grab your sunglasses, red lipstick and heels and style it out like a Parisian goddess. Watch the heads turn and see how amazing you feel!