How much you should really spend on clothes in a month

The American population isn’t known as “consumers” for nothing. It’s no secret, everyone loves to shop! And we love to look great. Let us go shopping for new clothes to look great and we are so happy. Retail therapy has been scientifically proven to be exactly that, therapeutic. But how do we know when enough really is enough? Nobody has ever told us how much we should or shouldn’t be spending on clothing every month. Today, that is just what we are doing. The financial experts have done the math and we have results. It’s time to find out what you should really spend on clothes in a month and how to stick within that budget.

How much you should really spend on clothes in a month

What do the experts say

This is to be considered a guideline and there are some variables to take into account. For example, debt. Someone who is in debt should first take care of their commitments before considering a clothing shopping spree of any kind.

It boils down to five percent. Yes, only five percent of the salary after taxes is what should be considered for spending on clothing. And that’s not per person, oh no, that’s per family. So for a family of four or five, that five percent has a long way to stretch. To work it out, take the salary and multiply it 0.05 to work out the five percent. For example, $4000 x 0.05 = $200 to spend on clothing for the month. Up to five percent is what will be considered for living within your means. Having a cap on this will help to prevent overspending and getting into debt. But how do we stick to only five percent?

The budget

Work out the five percent and decide to stick to it. If spending really is a problem, draw the figure in cash and leave the credit cards at home. Don’t like to carry cash? Go shopping with a good friend who will not allow any overspending. Do whatever it takes to stick to the budget until good spending becomes a habit.

Quality over quantity

Don’t look at this and think that only the cheapest of the cheap can now be purchased. That’s totally the opposite of what we are saying. Use this as an opportunity to buy very good quality items that will last a very long time and get the most out of those hard-earned dollars. A pair of jeans for $100 will outlive at least four to five pairs of $30 jeans. So, in the long run, the more expensive jeans will actually work out cheaper.

How much you should really spend on clothes in a month

Know what you want

Go shopping with a good idea of what is needed to prevent overspending before the necessities are purchased. For example, two casual tops, one pair of yoga pants, and one pair of trainers. Once these needed items are purchased then it’s time to splash out a little if there are some residual funds left in the budget.

New second hand

The bargains that can be picked up at charity stores and online are incredible. Designer brands still with price tags on them that have never been worn are marked at a fraction of the price. It really is something that we can all get excited about.

Always remember that clothing is a necessity, but fashion is a luxury.