Revamp your wardrobe with these 5 essential items

So, you’ve probably been following fashion trends for so long that you’ve forgotten to add some of those timeless classics. Or maybe you’ve been on such a busy schedule that your wardrobe has suffered, and now it’s time for a change. There are many ways that you can revamp your wardrobe, but thankfully you don’t need more than five items to make a massive difference.

A white dress shirt

Honestly, we haven’t met anyone who doesn’t look super chic in a white dress shirt. You can wear this in so many different ways, whether you get one long enough to wear with a cute pair of stockings, or you’re going for daytime sophistication. There are all kinds of cuts and tailors you can go for, but we would suggest that you start by researching your body shape and catering everything you buy to that. So, ditch the shirt that looks good on the hanger for one that stands out on your body. You can get one of these anywhere, but we would recommend splurging out a dollar or two more than you usually would for good quality material, as it also tends to sit better.

Revamp your wardrobe with these 5 essential items

Tan knee-high boots

You know, you can’t go wrong with a pair of tan knee-highs. We would specifically recommend flat or a slight heel so that you can wear them day in day out without worrying about your feet. Comfort is key, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be super fashionable at the same time. You can pair these with so many different things it’s unreal, but they will be a dash happier than black boots, not to mention stand out a little more. You can add these to a dress, jeans, any solid color; they’re simply fantastic.

Khaki trousers

Oh yes. Khaki trousers are no longer reserved for posh people on safaris, they’re an everyday must-have, and we love them. Just like the tan boots, they will go with practically everything. You also won’t need to think too hard about whether you look good because they’re super smart as well as being really comfortable. Many people view them as the base of an outfit, and something you can dress up as much as you want. The color also means there are a limitless amount of accessory options open to you, from a brightly colored scarf to nauticals.

Dark wash skinny jeans

Honestly, these babies are the real winners when it comes to being hugely diverse. Somehow, they seem to go with basically everything, as well as holding on to a timeless fashion. You can mix and match with any shoes you want, from black ballet shoes to bright yellow pumps. If you play your cards right, you could wear them every day with a totally different outfit.

Revamp your wardrobe with these 5 essential items

A basic cardigan

Not only do you need a classic cardigan for that awkward in-between weather, you also need it because it’s the perfect way of finishing off an outfit. You might have your jeans, your pumps, and your shirt, but what goes over the top? It will help save you time by giving you a great addition to your wardrobe and make any outfit look sophisticated, styled, and comfortable. It’s an item that lasts for as long as you want, and we doubt it will ever go out of fashion.

Sometimes, looking at your wardrobe can feel miserable, but treating yourself to new items that you can wear every day will help you to feel happier and more confident.