Why sometimes the best clothes are the simplest ones

Thinking about what to wear, every single day takes away a large portion of your time and energy. You may stand in front of the mirror every morning and wonder which one looks good on you, or which outfit is most appropriate for the day you have ahead of you. Most of the time, people assume that wearing expensive or stylish clothing is the best, as it looks the most fashionable.
Rather than going for exclusive or posh options, however, you should try to stick with the ones which are simple. These clothing items are less expensive, easier to mix and match, and require less care. They also tend to be more practical and comfortable. Are simple clothes really that much better than their expensive counterparts, especially in the world of fashion? Here are three reasons which explain why the best clothes are the simplest ones.

Why sometimes the best clothes are the simplest ones

Great time saver

When you have to get ready every morning, you spend most of your time standing in front of your wardrobe, trying to picture yourself in different clothes. Once you narrowed down what you would like to wear, you go to a mirror, to see how it looks. Although it looked great in your mind, you find out that it doesn’t suit your style at that moment.

As a result, you go back and forth, until you find one which brings out the best in you. This can take some time and also leave a mess on your bedroom floor. With simple clothes, however, you never have to deal with this hassle. You can pick the item which is the closest to your hand and get ready within a couple of minutes. By cutting down on how much time you spend to pick the right clothes, you can now focus on important tasks in the morning.

It gives you clarity

When you have simple clothes in your wardrobe, you will find it extremely easy to go about your day, without any problems. For instance, if you can’t make up your mind on what to wear, it drains away your energy. If you start your day feeling drained, it becomes challenging to make important decisions. Why put yourself through so much difficulty, when you can wear simple clothes. It frees your mind and gives you clarity, making you feel like a million dollars, every day. Simple clothes are often more comfortable than trendy items as well.

Why sometimes the best clothes are the simplest ones

Save a lot of money

Speaking of money, you have to spend a lot if you want to get exclusive or fancy clothes, from any retail shop. With simple clothes, you can pick up a lot of them, without burning a hole in your wallet. At the same time, it gives you peace of mind, as you don’t have to worry about your clothes. For example, even if it gets damaged or dirty, you won’t mind, as you didn’t spend a huge portion of your money to get them.

Remember, by going simple, all your clothes will match and make you feel comfortable, giving you the energy to power through your day!